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Re: Health
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Health


Someone else on this forum mentioned a great lack of enthusiasm for food. Perhaps they will see your post and respond.

In a way, the fact they have not continued to post about it is very good news indeed.

One thing that happens with Humaworm is that the 'events' come, and then are gone. They just disappear...and are forgotten.

They constitute a parasite cleansing 'experience'...evermore. In the future, someone will say something that triggers a memory, and you will be an 'expert' recall the feeling, and remember how it was resolved. The importance of the 'event' fades into resolution. "Oh, that was just 'die-off'. Die-off takes many forms."

The full cleansing experience takes two months to unfold, as I understand it. Thirty days of taking the capsules, and thirty days of the after-effects...while the herbs work through your system.

It might seem alarming to read that Humaworm kills all bacteria, good and bad. But, in fact, you are eating more digestive bacteria every day. It is virtually impossible to get away from the 'good' digestive bacteria. That's why we consider a meal to be 'food' carries its own digestion with it.

Likely your system needs a rest, that's why you don't feel much like eating. Play along, find wholesome things that tempt just a little, often, until you feel like a little more at a time.

Eat some prunes from time to time, or drink a little of the juice...if you need to 'go' a little more often or easily.

If you don't feel much like moving, stretch and flex some, even lying down.

I once had a bad leg injury, and found that the best treatment was to keep the leg up and immobile...for eight weeks. That scared me because I knew the injury needed blood flow, and I couldn't move that part.

So, I wiggled my toes...a lot. I figured that the blood would have to flow past the injured muscles to reach my toes to move them. It worked, too.

If you are flexing your limbs, for example, the energy to do that must come from somewhere. Bend at the waist, 'wave' as though you are in an underwater dance, even just dream of flying, or say the four statements of the 'Alexander Technique', and energy flows.

The four statements are:

...Release the neck

...Widen the shoulders

...Lengthen the torso

...Release the legs.

The first statement means that the head balances naturally on its hinge at the top of the spine, which is attached to the back lower edge of the skull.

If the chin is jutting out, you know that the spine is leaning forward at the top, and that the chin needs to come back and be tucked in some.

Once you learn the best position for the it is attached, I think there is little more 'exercise' to the four statements...that we just need to remember them.

It takes an "Alexander Technique' instructor 3 years to train...and it takes a client a year to develop better posture...but the rewards are immense.

Mr. Alexander sat in a chair on stage and delivered dialogues. He lost his voice due to his inappropriate posture...but got it back again by studying himself and others, and making just a few statements to remind his muscles of their jobs.

The nearest Alexander Technique practitioner to me was 350 miles away, so I memorized the four statements I found on the Internet.

Boy! Did that hurt! It doesn't seem so, at first. But soon the muscles started doing their job, and protested! I just took it easier, gently remembering from time to time.

This may have nothing to do with your lack of desire for food...but it could. Well-being has many parts, all inter-connecting.

A friend I haven't seen for years suffered from spinal problems. When I did see her, she had studied with an Alexander Technique practitioner.

My friend is the same age as myself, and we are in our late 60's. But she is gorgeous. You can see her from a great distance, in a crowd. She is the one who looks like a million dollars! And she is interested in all things fine and wholesome.

It's all interconnected, you see.

A couple of months from now, when the Humaworm has worked its gentle magic, you likely will not remember your concerns of today...until something reminds you.

That's what I mean when I say that Humaworm is a 'process', a repeated rhythm, twice or three times a year, that fits your style. You like it. You grow with it.

My best,


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