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Took the d@#m thing out last night and feel like a new person today!
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Published: 15 years ago

Took the d@#m thing out last night and feel like a new person today!

Ok, let me start with WHY I took it out.
I got this wicked thing put in June 11, 2007, 6 weeks post partum. A little uncomfy but ok as far as procedures go. Up until that point everyone was commenting on how well I was adjusting and how I was up and about so quickly after having my daughter. I wasn't emotional, I was level. No depression. Nothing. (4th child mind you) I noticed bleeding right away which I expected. The bleeding was off and on for a few weeks until it got on my last nerve and I called to have a consult with my dr. I had a routine check up anyway and they wanted to make sure the trings were there. All was fine and the dr said he wanted to wait for a while to put me on a med to stop the bleeding. ( nevermind that I had a healthy sex drive and this was totally irritating me and my hubby... that didn't matter I guess.) So, I waited .... and waited... and waited. I made another call a few weeks later and got a script for a med to stop the bleeding. Didn't work. Still bleeding nearly 3 months later and I call to get an appointment and the nurse talks me out of it saying " You wil LOVE it after you stop bleeding which is right at 3 months." Ok fine. They know best right? Wrong. I did research on it before I got it but never found this site. I looked at what the FDA had to say about it... not what other women were going through. What I found and upset me most was that it allows your egg to be fertalized but won't allow implantation. So basically, you can continually have an early abortion without knowing it. Hmmmmm. Doesn't set well with me. But I guess that's what "birth control" is all about right? So, yesterday it started to dawn on me that I was feeling "crazy." I had been extremely moody of late and even broke a glass pane in my french doors after throwing a shoe. THIS IS NOT ME! I have gotten so angry that I have yelled at my kids without even thinking, swore at my husband which is not us and just been a freak. I felt like I was losing my mind. Seriously. I never take naps but I started to. I went into a Depression very quickly over nothing. I broke out ( I am 33 and NEVER had skin issues). I gained 5 lbs. I craved sweets like crazy. And... I bled some more! Back to yesterday, I started having really bad cramps out of the blue. Back ache to go with it. I noticed my bleeding got heavier and then, I passed a clot big enough to give me pause. I am not a dr nor am I trained in the medical field, but I have had 4 kids and I know what menstral cramps are. This was worse and it is my very firm belief that I had something like a miscarriage. It wasn't long after I passed that clot that I was not in pain. After seeing that and then looking this site up I decided that damn thing had to go. I signed up for the class action with the atty on here and went right into the bathroom and had my husband get it out. It didn't hurt one bit, just like the other person that took thier's out. Like pulling out a tampon. I don't recommend anyone doing this , I am just bold enough to. If you do, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly so you don't get an infection.
Today I woke up after not having hardly any sleep and I literally feel like a new person. I am sure a good portion of that is psychological knowing it is not in anymore but I am ok wiht that as a start. Looks like my hubby gets his way with having more babies because there isn't a Bc out there that has agreed with me. Depo shot made me gain 50 lbs in one 3 month shot and I won't take the pill because I believe it causes cancer. Oh well. God gives us chiledren as gifts so who am I to say " no thanks, I'd rather not." Just my belief. God bless all of you who take this wicked thing out. And God bless anyone who can tolerate the side effects. It sure isn't for everyone and definitely not for me.

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