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Re: A Friend of Mine

Free Remineralizing Tooth Powder!
Best Teeth Remineralization, Strengthening, and Clea...

Free Remineralizing Tooth Powder!
Best Teeth Remineralization, Strengthening, and Clea...

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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: A Friend of Mine


The clay/herbal product is made by Premier Research Labs. It contains Shilajit and Montmorillinite clay plus a synergistic group of herbs including Noni, green tea extract (that has been tested for florine and aluminum levels), Neem bark, Coriander and a few others. They use a patented bottle that excludes all harmful light rays and every product they sell is tested for pesticides and for E-Beam radiation which is now euphemistically called 'cold pasteurization'.

E-Beam radiation is used on every package by Fed-Ex, UPS and DHL to kill anthrax. The only company that does not use this radiation is UPS. PR Labs uses a special radiation detection 'dot' on their shipped packages to make sure their products have not been gamma irradiated. Essentially any live product that has gone through the anthrax killer gamma raybeams is dead on arrival!

I bought the waterpik at Amazon and read the reviews before making a decision. There was a mix of reviews both pos and neg. I went ahead and made the purchase and VERY glad that I did. My teeth are quite jammed together and flossing is a dificult task. I decided to do a test where I would carefully floss and then brush my teeth the way I was always taught to do. I flossed and brushed carefully. Then I irrigated with the waterpik after the floss/brushing using a small amount of hydrogen peroxide and wow what a difference. So many particles of food came out I was amazed. I decided then that the waterpik was the way to go in spite of the naysayers reviewing the product at Amazon. When my dental hygenist did my regular cleaning I had no bleeding at all. None! She was truly amazed since I always bleed a little at the cleanings. I take my waterpik everywhere I go now on trips even if its just for a weekend. The waterpik process takes about 2-3 minutes to do. Very quick. I do it twice a day minimum.

I alternate between oil and herbal swishing. The PRL herbs/clay are easy since it can be done while at the computer just using one capsule. I usually swish first thing in the morning either once or twice. If the first pulling produces a clear liquid in a short period of time I interpret that to mean that I am toxic so will follow it with a second swish. I will alternate between using sesame and using the castor oil. I would like to see some others experiment with the castor oil to see what results they produce. It would be a good study since the castor oil has an incredible track record for healing the body. One of the best I have seen.

Castor oil is an anti-infective which many fail to understand. That is why it works so well when used as a pack with a heating pad. Say goodbye to the hysterectomy or varicose veins or liver congestion or parasites. Many inflammatory conditions are caused by irritating microbes. Also the castor oil affects the Peyers Patches in the small intestine which are not fully understood by medicine. Edgar Cayce said that the castor oil helps to regulate and heal these small glands. They are very important to the metabolism and are involved in hormone production and the immune system. The castor oil helps to tone them and regulate them.

Castor oil causes sleeping parasitic egg cells to wake up. These sleeper cells are living in the peritoneal cavity where they cannot be reached by blood or lymph. This is why parasite cleanses generally do not work that well. These sleeper cells can hibernate for up to 13 months. They hide in the cavity until the coast is clear and then come back up into the intestines again. However the castor oil pack on the tummy causes them to hatch immediately. That is when the paracidal herbs can kill them. A good book to read on castor oil is 'The Oil that Heals' by McGarvy.


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