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Re: parasite possibility?

Heart Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Heart Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Natural Cancer Remedies
Cancer-proof your body with little known immune boosters!

anemiarulesme Views: 2,659
Published: 14 years ago
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Re: parasite possibility?

Hey Zalemander-
From the symtoms you have and what i've found out on my own time... well i'd say your symtoms of
- Acne
- Extreme gas
- Inconsistent bowel movements
- Recurrent ear problems
- Mental issues
- Frequent muscle twitches / fascillations
- Increased eye discharge
- Lack of energy

Could be parasitic! I dont know about your other symtoms. but these symtoms here are also problems i've had, plus more! like headaches, naseau, vomiting, dizziness, massive fatigue, depression, pins and needles in my hands, feet, arms, been having difficulty eating certain foods that i used to love and crave ( unexplainable food intolerences) anemic and hypoglycemic off and on, meaning from a bloodwork test they've found im deffiecent in iron (anemia) and my blood sugar levels are off (hypoglycemia) both of which, iron and sugar are things parasites crave. learning all this i went to the conclusion of getting humaworm, because my doctor doesnt know what to do with me! she tried to throw me on TOPAMAX (which is a horrible drug) for my migraines, saying that all my symtoms were caused by my migraines, yet i've had migraines for 11 years of my life and all these other symtoms came about 6 monthes ago...yeah. i need a new doc.

but for now Zalemander, i'd say im doing pretty good for those symtoms, ive been on humaworm for 3 weeks and i've seen many parasitic looking things in the toilet bowl! quite scary.. BUT im feeling ALOT better! i've been able to eat when before for 5-6 monthes i was litteraly starving 24-7 and naseaus allmost all the time... the inconsistent bowel movement is still there some, but i beleive its just the humaworm, cause its cleaning me out and making me go so often.. im really feeling alot better!

Are there any other symtoms your having?

I suggest start eatting well balanced meals if you already arent, make sure your getting enough vegetables and fruits. Make sure you wash them well before eatting, parasites live on all surfaces. Try to not eat red meat alot if you tend to, and cook it through, raw is parasitic prone. Drink more water to hydrate your body so it can flush out the toxins.

Also, you said something about your eyes excreting fluids, im not sure what to do for that, but keep your hands far FAR away from all tear ducts and your eyes, wash your hands often and well, and if you cant, carry antibacterial hand sanitizer. Parasites eggs or parasites can be in the dirt on any surface,if one has dirt under his/her nails or dirty finger nails and touch thier eyes and tear ducts, thier gonna have a parasitic problem. parasites can live for weeks under near dirty finger nails!! they're just waiting for you to put your fingers in your mouth or tear ducts.. or any other opening!

I suggest seeing what others have to say about your symtoms, try reposting your post in "ask curezone" or "parasite support". And after seeing what others have to say, if your willing to try humaworm.. if you have 30 dollars to spare, try it! i was skeptical that parasites were the cause of all my problems and infecting my body to the point of starvation and sickness, but now im feeling alot better and i beleive parasites are still in my body, in the process of dying...because im not 100% better yet but from the way i was feeling before im almost 100% better from the brink of deaths doorstep... wish you the best of luck


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