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Video Embedded worms in face video (:
rygar. Views: 72,468
Published: 16 years ago

worms in face video (:


you all %§#&!ß-s!!! i've tried this type of medication in seremban, malaysia. I look closely, YES! the worms come out from my pores...not from the lipas stomach!

They r lying, by using cockroach to the face. the worms dat appear on the face r from the cockroach's stomach.

does all human being have WORM on thier faces? is there any classification or type of cockroach you use?may i know?how to preserve that belly?how many stage or treatment?for example once a week/once a month?or ONCE?and what is the smell?thank you so much fo replying-mike(philippines)

its Morgellons Disease im sure.. thats just me though

after the roach was rubbed on the guy's face, you'll some white stuff.. i believe those are eggs and it was hatched deliberately and it appears that the worms are coming out of the face when it's really not.. see for yourself..

Actually if you pay close attention you can see them moving under the skin then popping out.

The background human voices are so International !!! haha!!! I can hear Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese, English and something like Hokkien(not sure), Japanese.

This is a traditional method of curing sinus problems....
everyone actually have it but wether it is serious or not...
but the worm u see is not from the roaches...
its ridiculuos...
the roaches juices have some kind of natural friendly chemical and it is hot that can burn or bring the worm out from ur face as u can see it...
in Malaysia some traditional way still in practice aong the modern way...
it an alternatives for the patient...

this is a traditional way of treating sinus...
using earth roaches..done during the evening...available in Malaysia

this is malay traditional medication.
Claims to be a cure for sinus. But its merely hocus pocus.
The " herbal medication " applied on the patients face is actually juice from roaches stomach .
Dont worry , your face do not have worm/s

Many dermatologists refute the suggestion that this is an actual disease but instead indicate that many of these patients have psychological problems or other common skin disorders. However it is certainly true that in fact many expert parasitologists, medical entomologists and other microbiologists have in fact carefully examined fibers and other materials expressed or extracted from such patients and found that biological organisms are not present.

the guy speaks Chinese said this is the most serious case he has ever met, and another guy is like
"What kind of face is this" lol creepy~

it is the way to cure disease called 'resdung' or sinus problem. this is an alternative way. there r many way to cure that. but... in my opinion,from my experience working at pharmacy.. resdung is never can be totally cured..but.. we can reduce it.. by this way.. or take a vitamin c consistanly..

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