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Re: massage the morgellons out
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: massage the morgellons out

Dear tinker6e11,

You can regain some normalcy. Pray and have faith. God is the healer.

Here is my advice to you.

1. Stop eating all carbohydrates immediately.

You will get significant relief from the itching, etc. from this alone. Eliminate all bread, pasta, cereal, all other grain foods, all starchy vegetables and fruit (except fresh pineapple and papaya). Ann Louise Gittleman 's fat flush diet books are a good guide to what to avoid and what to include. A good breakfast is fresh pineapple with plain yoghurt sprinkled with ground flax seed. (Fresh pineapple and papaya have live enzymes that kill parasites. Yoghurt will promote healthy intestinal flora and help to keep your bowels moving. I only use organic yoghurt or homemade yoghurt made from organic milk. Flax seed has anti inflamatory Omega 3s). Sweeten with stevia only - a little mixed in the yoghurt. Pumpkin seeds are good to snack on. They are also antiparasitic.

2. Disinfect your clothing and bedding and don't sit on upholstered furniture that is not covered in plastic or that others use.

You can infect others by sitting, lying on the same soft furniture. Infection through the skin is not as bad. Maybe these people can be cured by the famous Sun detergent bath.

Get a vinyl mattress cover and a pillow covers for your bedding. You can get these for under $10. at Kmart or Big Lots.

Soak and Wash your bedding and clothing daily, after each use in products that contain enzymes. You will have to do this until you are symptom free. Washing machine soak cycle is fine, just make sure they soak or are saturated in cleaner for at least 12 hours. Enzyme products that I have used are Oxyfresh, Arm and Hammer powder detergent. I have heard Sun detergent is good. Check the label to make sure it has enzymes. Chemical enzymes work just fine to disenfect your laundry. Chlorine bleach will destroy your clothing and bedding because you have to wash so often. Better to soak in Oxyfresh overnight or longer. I learned this the hard way and had to buy new sheets.

3. Take herbs to kill parasites as soon as possible.

I describe what I took in my prior post. I think prayer helped me the most in my being guided to what herbs to take. Hulda Clark e's regimen (clove,wormwood,black walnut) did not work for me. That could be because I was taking it before striken with Morgellons, I don't know. I had great results with "Intestinal Freedom" herbal capsules made by American Biologics. It contains herbs that kill a broad spectrum of parasites. You can order it from

If you order there, you can also get a good price on food grade diatomaceous earth. They sell it for pets there but you can use it yourself. It is a fine powder made from the skeletons of microscopic sea animals. It kills parasites. You can stir it in liquid and drink it, sprinkle it on your bedding(under the vinyl), on your carpets before you vaccum and use it on your skin like baby powder. Don't breath it though. It irritates the lungs. And get some of those disposable hospital masks to use while you are vacuming or doing anything else that stirs up dust. You can buy a box of them at the drugstore.

Some parasite herbs may only work for a while. Switch to something else if what you are taking no longer works. The best thing you can do though is eat healthy. You may be able to tolerate some prohobited foods after a while, but it is best to keep carbohydrates - especially bread - to a minimum.

I think based on my experience that anything made with genetically engineered crops will trigger itching. The main crops are wheat(non-organic bread, pasta); corn (anything with high fructose corn syrup, snacks like chese curls, cereals, non organic corn oil, margarine, etc.); soy (soy oil is in most processed foods, as are many soy products. Organic soy is o.k. You must read labels.); and potatoes (Potato chips! If you love them and can tolerate carbs down the line, buy organic potato chips from the health food store.)

Best of luck to you. I know this is a tough challenge, but if you pray for guidance and fight this problem like a war, YOU WILL WIN! God Bless!


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