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Triglyceride Levels after 1st Flush
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Published: 18 years ago
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Triglyceride Levels after 1st Flush

I did my first Liver Flush on June 24/25 (about three weeks ago) - I got about 200 stones out, including a few big ones, a few really evil looking ones and some small red worms.

Since doing the flush, I've dropped close to twelve pounds with no effort and my appetite has increased a good bit. My BM's are also a lot more consistent, and I've become very regular. I should also say I stopped taking my triglyceride medicine to give my liver a chance to "settle in"; I haven't started retaking it yet. On the down side, I also had a real bad summer cold which ended in ear congestion that just cleared yesterday. Whether or not it had anything to do with a post-flush Herxmeier effect, I don't know or want to speculate.

Anyhow, my stomach has been bothering me for the past two months, even prior to doing the flush. I went to the doctor last Thursday (July 15), which was my first doctor's visit after the flush. He took some blood to check for H. Pilori bacteria (ulcer bacteria), pancreas and liver function. Everything came out okay; all my levels were well within normal (PHEW!). Turns out that I probably have a mild case of gastritis. I'm supposed to go for an upper GI exam to rule out ulcers.

Here's the interesting part though, and I'm actually VERY excited. My doctor's visit was at 3:00PM. The day of the visit, I ate a packet of Quaker instant oatmeal at 9:30AM, a banana at 10:30AM, and a cup of yogurt and an apple around 11:30AM. Although I knew that it wouldn't provide accurate results as I was not fasting, I asked my doctor to check my triglyceride level too. I did the Liver Flush in the first place to try and bring my triglyceride level down. My last blood lipid profile after a 12 hour fast showed my trigylceride level to be 1285; a prior fasting test had it closer to 1400. I was on triglyceride medication at the time when both these tests were taken.

NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS; despite having been off medication for roughly 3 weeks, and despite it being a non-fasting triglyceride level test, my triglyceride level dropped to 900! This is a drop of almost 385 points in three weeks, and I cannot help but think the flush played a huge role in this. Let me reiterate: NONFASTING TEST AND NO MEDICATION FOR 3 WEEKS!!! All after only one productive flush, too.

I should have a fasting test done to see how close to normal my fasting levels have gotten, but I'm very encouraged. Once I have gotten a fasting test result, I'll post and let everyone know.


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