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Re: Teilah, any other Fibro sufferers or ex suffers?

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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: Teilah, any other Fibro sufferers or ex suffers?

Dear Rasayan,

My e-friend came down with fibromyalgia a week before me recently. We both endured a huge shock from events in our lives. I believe it is a rheumatological disorder and did plenty of research on it and found out that there was no medical cure. I did as much investigation on this as possible and did not want to consign myself to a life of more pain following other chronic illnesses which I have also been able to cure effectively with this method

Then came this whammy. I could barely walk to the front of the house. I was in excruciating pain and could not even eat. I was ready to get some form of home help as I could not do anything at all. I felt so ill and that my life had no hope. Someone I knew recommended that I get back into oilpulling. I laughed. I thought my life had been ruined and that I had no future to look forward to but I faithfully got back onto it and felt changes immediately in my brain from the "fog". I could barely move my tongue in my mouth just to oil swish for a few moments, but persisted nevertheless for my 1/2 hour routine. I noticed changes within a few days and then after a couple of weeks I was cured as incredible as it may sound. The doctor would not treat me as my cluster of symptoms did not match any health problem but I KNEW it was fibromyalgia from all the research I had done. It is a relatively NEW disease which many doctors will not acknowledge or treat and he sent me home in much pain. After I healed myself I had to go back to the doctor for a flu shot over winter and I told him what I did with the oil pulling afterward and he was very dismissive and thought it was psychosomatic symptoms. He did say "Whatever works WORKS"... There are many things which Science cannot address.

I had been doing oilpulling for 7 months previously just with sunflower oil and had some very amazing cures too. I just did it for 30 minutes each morning! I have also done other detox in the past like colonic cleansing, kidney cleanse, parasite cleanse, a liver detox diet and pH management with Barley Grass Powder and an alkaline diet. With the Edgar Cayce protocols they do recommend these things for rheumatological problems so I think the cleansing you have done already will stack things in your favor - I already had done them as part of my overall health maintenance.

I hope this will work for you I really do. It saved my life. My friend is still paying for plane flights and cheap hotels to see a rheumatologist interstate and is taking high quantities of painkillers while she has an enlarged heart which is potentially dangerous. She has to go to work still and her husband is driving her because she can no longer steer a car and she has no quality of life on the weekends. I try and suggest the oilpulling remedy but she prefers seeing her doctor who listens to her and was prepared to refer her to the specialist. I have quality of life now, I am happy and I have been cured. I don't know what to say to her but I realise you can't foist anything on people and everyone has to find a treatment modality with what they are happy with. So I sense her agony in e-mails and can't say anything. It is very hard to see this happen to someone you care about. She is losing friends fast, many people are leaving her life now as she is gravely unwell. Her quality of life is minimal now , she does not sleep at night, lugs herself to a job where she can barely write...she gets a relative to check her e-mails and consigns herself to weekends resting. She has no time to enjoy life anymore...She shoulders this inconvenience with enormous dignity and is still prepared to keep on going. I suggested infrared clothing for pain management as many people with fibro have had relief with this too. She is looking into it.

I just do the oilpulling while I am on the computer typing e-mails and doing internet searches. It is easy and you don't even have to think about it. Time drifts by and you are not focussed on doing it. I have stuck with the same oil but am experimenting with others now.

Good luck, it really worked for me, I just wish other people would try it.


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