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Published: 16 years ago
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Re: nde

I read your story and know what hardship is all about. It can be very blighting to the point where things feel very jaded in your life. I could see a lot of middle aged people around me who had never known love including myself and really found it hard to cope with all that had passed in their lives to the present day. I am trying to humbly remedy this even if I don't receive anything in return. I have committed to doing a Buddhist "Loving Kindness Meditation" every day as the potential for love in your heart I have learned is enormous and immeasurable even though it may at first appear daunting. My heart is opening more each day and I wish to give to people so they don't have to face a life surrounded by people who are non-loving. I desire to be a more caring person and do it every day. I just got a CD on it and the interior feelings in my heart space have opened up and I feel happier. I had a number of serious life challenging incidents and decided that closing my heart was not the way and I did not like the person I was becomming. It is not an uninteresting thing to do but very beautiful, the waves of emotion, the warmth and light is very soothing and healing. Very wonderful and powerful too.

I got back into doing Shamanic work and realise that it is only our creator that shapes our destiny not through our own efforts as much as we would like to shape our lives. I learned this from Dr. Alberto Villoldo a psychologist who has studied medical anthropology in the Incas and has brought this work to public attention. I think of all the choices I made which really were dead ends, all the investment of time and money and interest which yielded nothing.

But the medicine peoples can enable you to track along "journey lines" which appear in all indigenous cultures under different names to arrive at your destiny, thereby cheating entropy, the law of chaos which says things naturally decay. You learn to work backwards from your ultimate point of arrival to recreate your life anew It is from the future that the present shape-shifts and approaches our ultimate daimon or life purpose. I am working with this now. You can lead a happier life and many people have been transformed with this man's decades of experience under the tutelage of many shamans that have been revered in South America.

He found a lot of psychological principles inadequate to heal himself and was individually selected unbeknown to him by shamans to learn the methods of soul retrieval and share them with the west. There are many things that cannot be explained and I think this idea, soul retrieval has its benefits and outsmarts our contemporary notions. He has a couple of books available and you can search the web for accredited practitioners all over the world. I am doing it myself as he shares the tools for doing this. You can overcome all that feels like that is missing from your life, all the losses and elements that have been taken from you and have your life restored once again. I have seen an excellent video of his and he is the real deal, I was intrigued with his sheer expertise - there's no hokum, none of it is spurious. I really respect this man and believe what he has to offer provides genuine hope. He is not a New Age Johnny come lately, but a professional with an enormous amount of skills derived from traditional culture.

Don't feel sad about all that has gone by, it served a useful purpose in your life and you were meant to experience it, no matter how hard or difficult it may have been...that is what I say to myself, like flowing with the current in the river. You were intended to experience these things and no life experience is ever wasted no matter how pensive or regretful you may feel about it. I don't say this to sound spiritual I really mean it and have noticed less and less personal resistance in my life to my fate. Fate is karma but you also have dharma too which is your inherent purpose. Everything has purpose even the smallest blade of grass, nothing is ever wasted. Don't forget all the good things in your life too as it is easy to focus on all that has gone wrong, try and cultivate a rememberance of all the things that were wonderful in your life, the times of ease and the blessings. By knowing your soul design, your raison d'etre we can ask who the grail truly seves and align our life backwards from that point and bring into being those things that can be manifested from the "God Brain" the seat of spirituality and the ultimate creativity. Mozart was said to hear all the tunes in his mind and fiercely wrote them down. It is from this area of the brain which is activated that we can align ourselves with our destiny and it can be achieved with shamanic practice.

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