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Re: eyes change and nose drip about 3 weeks OP by Teilah ..... Oil Pulling & Oil Swishing Forum

Date:   10/7/2007 6:32:27 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Glad to hear of the wonderful changes for you, just keep up with it, things will slowly improve and you will get incremental benefits. Don't be too gun-ho about it as the enthusiasm can wane, just stick with what is manageable as your body needs time to detox and recover, don't overdo or underdo just in moderation and your efforts will reward you! I hope you really get a lot out of it and that your body responds more every day. I am so happy for you so keep persisting and try and find ways to do it which make the practice enjoyable.

I have started doing kirtan again and have my own ideas about what it can do for people, would you be able to share your insights on what it has done in your life? I am not a yogi just a neophyte, someone who is merely a beginner. I do have yoga videos but I love kirtan so much. I need the exercise and really should get into it again and persist with it. What are the benefits of kirtan?

Also, I was wondering why do you put sesame seed on your feet at night? Is it a detox remedy? I had some acquaintences involved with the Chinese community at a Taoist Centre and everyone used to have a Ginger Foot Bath. It is so invigorating you just get a bowl of tepid water and steep an adequate amount of grated ginger in it and soak your feet. You keep them in there for 1/2 hour and you feel a real zing inside yourself and sense of freedom and upliftment. It is worth trying as a lot of toxins reside in your feet. I will have to get back into it again, but it is a very pleasant experience.

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