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Re: a monopoly on the good news by trapper/kcmo ..... Christianity (Biblical) Support

Date:   10/19/2007 11:59:39 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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i have no doubt about jesus whatsoever. but the bible makes it plain, he is the only BEGOTTEN son of god, not the ONLY one. i look at other things in the bible, like the story of noah. the hebrews are not the only ones to carry down that story of the flood. however, it may well be the most accurate in terms of the truth of the matter is concerned. and then there is that little story of jonah and his mission to nineveh. he certainly didnt think these gentiles deserved any warning. and after he did finally wearn them, he went up on a hill to observe their destruction because he didnt think they would repent. perhaps he didnt think it was even possible.

the good news was brought to the jew first. this is certainly the way that the entire judeo-christian world has gotten the good news - through jesus christ. and every christian worth his salt will admit that jesus died for the sins of the whole world, past present and future, so this gift of god is just like all the gifts of god - they are without repentence. one doesnt have to have direct knowledge of it to be a beneficiary of it. it is simply a fact.

more "foreign" involvement. what up with those wise men from the east? they werent exactly dummies. what school of thought did they come out of?

in fact, knowing god the way i do now, he sends his blessings upon the whole earth. he is not a respecter of persons. there must be a way that every human on earth can seek him and find him regardless of where they are at or what they have been taught. for arent we all children of noah? and as such, we are all children born of grace.

i think we should know better. i think we know a lot more than those who devised the current doctrines that are passed off as from god - things that they had no way of knowing. the time has come for us to grow up and quit believing in fairy tales and myths. it is time for a new reformation. it is time for a more complete understanding of our world, ourselves, and our creator.

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