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Re: What is the deal with dentists? by Molly Bloom ..... Dental Problems Support Forum

Date:   10/25/2007 11:11:14 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I have little respect for dentists anymore. Even so called ethical ones.

Yes, you are now on the dentist radar. One procedure leads to another and another.

You know those little metal picks? You know when the dentist is probing your teeth they are looking for weakness in your enamel. Once they break through, wa la, instant cavity.

The best way to stop the madness is to take your dental matters into your own hands.

First you must start oil pulling. Please go to the forum and read the testimonials. They come in every day. I can lead you to many many forums on the internet about it now. It's almost miraculous, costs very little and is easy to do. All you need is any good nut or seed oil from your local store.....


Oil Pulling all by itself is going to take a lot of money from dentists pockets.

Secondly, you need to read about Dr. Nara. He was a dentist kicked out of the ADA when he started to expose the dirty little secrets of the ADA ad campaigns. Who started "see you dentist every six months" ?...the ADA. It's ingrained in our heads now. You don't see you doctor every six months, do you? Dr. Nara can teach you how to handle your own dental care. It's exceptionally easy. Your teeth should last for a lifetime. It's known that people that go to their dentist every six months end up with half the teeth of people that never go by the time they become senior citizens. It's the modern form of torture.

Here is the site to read about Dr. Nara:

You are now paying for that dentists vacation home, new car and kids private education. Don't do it, take control.


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