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double wow! by awebaby ..... Oil Pulling & Oil Swishing Forum

Date:   10/28/2007 12:55:21 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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The other day I posted that I had this white lump thing on the side of my mouth for quite a while now - (I would say at least a year) - and after just one day of swishing with coconut oil with a drop of Iodine in it the thing was going away already. Well this morning it was just about gone but for a teeny white spot that is still barely visible. This thing was about a bit more than 1/4 inch in diameter when I started. So this morning before i started, I checked to see if the other, smaller one I had on the left side was still there and it was. I wondered why it too was not disappearing. Well after i swished with the Iodine and the coconut oil I checked and it is totally gone!

I have no idea what these things were but I do know they could not be good.

Another thing has happened. For about 20 years now I have had a pretty large lump of some kind inside my cheek - it was never visible but i could feel it. Well that is now gone as well. I have always kept checking that one over the years to make sure it wasn't getting any bigger so i know it was there soon before the oil swishing I began about 2/12 - 3 months ago when i first came to curezone and heard about this protocol.

I came here because I was pretty sure I had oral flush and had googled cures for it.
I started the oil swishing the next day with organic sesame oil. It was gone in a few days after I started but i have still had these other white lumps ever since.

Needless to say I am never going to cease my oil swishing program. My teeth are whiter, my breath is fresh, my mouth feels clean - this is miraculous!

P.S. Anyone have any ideas what the white lumps may have been? They didn't hurt or anything.

Thank you fellow oil swishers - I love you all!

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