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Re: Trapper - I don't get you!!?? by Molly Bloom ..... Oil Pulling & Oil Swishing Forum

Date:   11/1/2007 6:03:52 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Hey Larry,

I think what Trapper was trying to say is that this person has been OPing for much longer than anyone on this forum, and has a large group of people as followers in India. That we should not be disrespectful as he is someone who has decades of experience and truly believes in the following of Dr. Karach.

Trapper has correctly said that sometimes you don't really know if a therapy is indeed working until you've been doing it long term. What we have experienced here is quick results for a variety of complaints. But what if we did do the exact protocol of Dr. Karach long term? Could we cure other things? I don't know.

It is still a mystery. We have theories, we have a variety of results. We are experimenting with a protocol that was originally scripted for only two oils and a set of specific procedures.

Trapper has indeed been a pioneer, pushing limits on a variety of protocols on CZ. I always watch to see what he does, and if he doesn't keel over or end up in the emergency room, then I cut it by about 1/5 and perhaps try it. We need people like him on Curezone as he does push the envelope and then posts his results. If anyone was worried that something might be a "toxic" dose, Trapper is our man.

As with any of the protocols here, one has to decide for themselves. Either they follow what was originally established, or they don't. Their call.


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