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Re: Why not vision ware? by wendypape ..... Amalgam Replacement Support Forum

Date:   11/15/2007 8:16:14 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I have had success with buying the clear glass pyrex casserole dishes and glass bowls for storing things in the fridge as well as for mixing etc.

I have also recently found a Pyrex glass double boiler at my local Value Village ;-)

We took Dr. Huggins advice and switched to Le Creuset cast iron enamaled pots over a year ago and I use a bamboo steamer for steaming veggies. Hopefully bamboo steamers aren't treated with any chemicals- I can't find any info on that, but it has to be better then my tin/stainless steamers! The Le Creuset pots are expensive so at first we only had 1- which we made sure fit the bamboo steamer and we used that and a cast iron fry pan. Since then I found a woman on ebay in the U.S. selling a whole set of le creuset pots (the cast iron ENAMELED ONES!) and got a deal on those. However for those people iinthe U.S. you have lots of stores that carry them and Le Creuset outlet stores that have awesome prices. If you have to purchase them at a store like Williams Sonoma they will cost you an arm and a leg! I was also using stainless steel pots with the copper bottom which are the worst so I sold those in the local buy and sell and bought a le creuset pot! LOL These pots if taken care of will last a very long time. In fact, my husbands 65 yr old partner gave him his special 'bean pot' a few years back- and I realized recently it's a Le CreuseT!!!yeah.

I don't bake much but when I do, I use the pyrex glass loaf pan for banana bread etc. or my pampered chef stonewear- which huggins says isn't good either- but I figure once a month is acceptable. or one could also purchase the muffin cups from your local health food store. We have started eating more raw foods and so many of our 'treats' for the children are raw and require no appliances.

I use glass mason jars to store our home made almond milk in, I steep my tea in glass jars (hint-put a knife briefly while pouring in boiling water to prevent breaking), I boil my water in a glass pot, I also use clear glass coffee mugs- if you hunt around you can find them ;-)

While no cookware or storage wear is perfect, I figure anything I can do will help and my kids and I have turned it into a game/challenge to see what kind of glassware we can find at the 2nd hand stores when we are out and about ;-)

take care


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