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are we all infected? by trapper/kcmo ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   11/17/2007 2:51:19 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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has anyone been paying attention to this Miracle-Mineral-Supplement phenomenon? what is it saying to the rest of you?

i am not real keen on ingesting chlorine. i do enough salt already. i am also duly impressed with the findings of fat buildup in the bloodstream causing blocked arteries, etc, from exposure to chlorine. but when people get a benefit from something, i want to know why.

from what i have read so far, this is an infection fighter. well, i can vouch for infection. there seem to be certain chronic infections out there that may or may not be identified, let alone diagnosed or treated. of course treatment is always in the form of an Antibiotic in the allopath world. i was once given an Antibiotic for an unknown mycoplasma. that was their guess and course of treatment for my symptoms at the time. pretty pathetic, in retrospect.

i am convinced that there are systemic infections that are effecting people and are not known at all. lyme disease is just the tip of the iceberg. look at how hard it has been to get anyone to listen to these poor folks, and with all the outward expressions of the disease and physical proof like the fibers. what if one had something like that and it didnt have an outward sign? what if it didnt produce abnormal vital signs or blood labs? what kind of diseases act in this fashion? well, lots of them, many of which are sexually transmitted.

if i look at each individual throughout history as a petri dish that can grow certain lifeforms, i see many different environments and plagues that have followed the environmental changes. when i see the last 100 years, or even 50 years, i see a whole new crop of petri dishes that are different in their makeup than have ever existed before. that means the new niche created will have a creature(s) ready to proliferate in this new niche. either an existing pathogen that could never get anywhere with the old environment or some other pathogen that morphs into something new or some other mechanism heretofor unknown.

regardless, there is nothing to say that these things would be discovered right away. Science is conservative and takes a hundred years to catch up with the current research. the fact is, they dont even look. i tell you the fertile soil is there and the new crop is growing.

so what if an infectious agent lasts for years and years and never gives a clue to itself and causes problems which are misdiagnosed and mistreated? what if it continues to evolve and escapes detection? what if the damage it causes is cumulative? what if different pathogens can effect different systems or organs or tissues?

the fact is we have examples of all of these things happening. who is to say it cant happen again? i think it has and still does. syphilis comes to mind as it was called the great imposter.

i have done two courses of antipathogenic subtances. one was Colloidal Silver and the other was iodine. in both instances, i have wiped out a systemic infection. both times the infection was of a different nature.

i guess i am really stabbing at windmills, but i see a definite trend here. i see a lot of people who cant find what is wrong with them. each time they try something new it changes their internal environment and they get a temporary benefit but then back to square one. i think these infections adapt.

i did not get this infection killing effect from Iodine until i got up over 400mg. the few weeks at 600mg really made a big difference. i have no idea what it did, but it did something. it was like it cured something. it killed some kind of infection. i get the idea that there are a lot of infections that we are simply not aware of.

more to think about.


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