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Tooth Infection/Tooth Problems and MMS by ldsfireguy ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   11/21/2007 12:19:39 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Yes, it was a gum infection. Jim says that Miracle-Mineral-Supplement won't cure an infection that
is inside a tooth. I didn't even know you could get an infection IN a
tooth, but someone on the list had that. Learn something new every day.
Anyway, the infection I had is completely gone. My "tooth" had been hurting
for 3 months. Actually, I thought it was a nerve issue because the tooth is
loose. It is the last lower molar on the right side. So I thought that it
was because when the tooth moved during eating it would hurt. Then it got
to hurting all the time and I still thought it was due to the tooth being
loose. Some days it got so bad that I actually took a pain pill, which I
had left over from a surgery that I never even took a pill for!! I had
finally decided the tooth had to be pulled because I couldn't stay in that
pain all the time--same days it was worse than most days, but it hurt every
day. Just as I decided to go in and have it pulled I read Jims second book
which talks about tooth infections. So I got a bottle of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and the first
morning I did the rinsing, by the next morning, 24 hours later, the pain was
less than half. I rinsed again that morning and by the following morning
when I got up, 48 hours after starting Miracle-Mineral-Supplement at that dose, the pain was gone.
I continued rinsing for another 3 or 4 days and that has been almost 5 weeks
ago, and absolutely no more pain since that second day. Which told me it
was due to an infection and not the actual looseness of the tooth--which is
still loose but painless.

My brother came in for the weekend and mentioned that he had a tooth that
was bothering him so I told him my story and gave him a bottle of MMS and
citric acid , he used it and the this morning said that the pain was gone by
half. He took the bottles home with him to continue treatment.

I guess in this group I should become more aware of the exact words I use.
I still say tooth infection, and normally people would just figure I
actually meant an infection around the tooth. But since I have learned that
there actually can be a TOOTH infection I need to stop saying that. :-)


I started at 6 drops 2X/day and worked up to 15. Had quite a bit of nausea and stomach cramps and diarrhea at the higher dosage levels.

My primary health issue is an abscess that has been bothering me off and on for over a year. I have noticed a marked decrease in sensitivity after a day or two and lessening discharge. There is poor blood circulation to the tissues in the tooth root areas so I have been supplementing with swishing the solution in the gum area before swallowing.

I would say a definite improvement-80% and will continue till eliminated.


When I read about MMS and how it works--and that what is called stabilized oxygen ...I decided to try it. Immediately, my lungs opened and I have breathed clearly and cleanly since starting the MMS. It eliminated my 3 month long gum infection in 2 days.



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