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Fasting and BPII with persistant depression by LoveFoodTooMuch ..... Fasting: Water Only

Date:   11/22/2007 3:03:43 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Hello to all you fasters!
I have found your board both very informative and inspiring.
I wander if you know...?
Short background: I have BPII (bi-pollar) with predominant depression. After a month and a half deep dip into the geapths of hell on earth (consisting with binging, drinking, smoking etc.) and a visit with my psych who recommended increasing!, yes, increasing again the meds I was taking which did not show any improvement, I decided to go cold turkey AMA on everything. I did not leave the house nor did I bathe...It could not get any worst - believe me. I was the walking dead from self-medicating to be over-medicated with prescription meds (I was on aboult 12 different things, some uppers, downers and those that are supposed to countereact to side-effects.) For about three days, I was shaking, sweating...all the goods. However, I beat the dependence over all my prescriptions and even that of Effexor, which I thought it would not be possible. My brain needed a serious shock to snap out of the funck. The biggest surprise is that I felt better! No downers, no sleeping pills - nothing! And that is after 7 solid years of trying everything possible on the pharm market (I was a great patient - took everything I was given.) My long or short, God only knows, term plans are to have a baby so I stopped smoking as well. Kicked the cofeen. Food is the last addictive behavier to brake.

Well, a little backtrack. After a good month being asymtomatic, I showed up in my psych's office in sound health. He was i disbelief and did not seam to share my enthusiasm. F### the f#@r's. What do you expect - you go to a shrink - you get meds. Go to a pastor - you get a prayer.

The good things did not last very it is kind of the season when I always take a plunge. I started the meds again (2 ot of 12) only to find out what I already knew - the benefit of anidepressents does not last long for me. All my hope in Western Medecine is gone although I can be a pharmacutical rep with all be first hand experiences. Basicly, if I go back to the psych I will not get any new info but "Let's try this one for the 5th time and maybe with the combination of this ather one..." They are all internists and I feel sometimes I know more they do. It is hillarious to me when they open the DSMIV to check your symptoms...Ok - this is perhaps not for your forum thus much, but!

I have been reading a lot about water fasts, your posts, and also talking with a friend that has done it.
My goas are to loose the last 10pb that I inhaled during my "down" time, stop self-medicating with food and adopt a long term "green" living (my husband and I have been doing Atkins - he is dropping like crazy unlike me) and through a 10 day fast or longer if necessery "kill" and eliminate some squamous cells before they turn into someting irreversebly more evil. So my plan is to slowly ease into fresh foods and reach compleat Water Fast without meds. I have done short 36h fast but with my antidepressants which I guess does not do much good.

Ultimatly, my biggest fear is my Depression which becomes severe. There is no sound doctor around that would even want to reconsider anything else than meds, although they have proven innefective (and each time I put so much hope and believe, taht even the placibo effect should have done the job). The other thing is that I am not over-over waight so traditianl medicine will think me "manic" or "high" wishing to do a natural healing process by fasting.

Have anyone of you had success with fasting and emotional problems. I am overly "labled" - BPII, OCD, anxiety, periods of agrophobia...As part of my renewed healthy attitude towards life, I started getting out of the house, drivng again, socialising and even entertaining a couple of friends at home. So there are no external factors contributing to my depressive episode - I want to make that clear. I have done tons of behavoral therapy to lead a workshop - exagerating...

Any input I will greatly appretiate. I know that fasting can heal a lot of physiological problems. My biggest problem is my overanalysing, overthinkijg perfectionisic brain.

I hope there is someone out there that has encountered simmilar issues and can give me some input. I am ... not ashamed, but prefer to keep my health problems privit as you may well know the stigma that goes with any emotional disturbances.

Thank you in advance.


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