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Re: You don't HAVE to be sick for MMS to work by ldsfireguy ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   11/29/2007 8:24:28 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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It's too bad that your first visits here about Miracle-Mineral-Supplement included exposure to the Debate Forums . They can be very negative on almost every subject (and I am NOT referring here to spdina's posts, lol).

Those forums should almost have a warning to stay away from them until you have been on curezone for some period of time. :)

Please know that this forum is a positive place. We support each other, and do not post personally negative posts in any way. If there are valid questions/issues about sodium chlorite/MMS, I personally would welcome them here so that we can address and investigate them in a unemotional environment...

But the concensus seems to be that serious issues/articles about Miracle-Mineral-Supplement get moved over to the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement debate forum. That is fine with me, but once there they get intermingled with posts that are fanatically opposed to MMS, or are fanatically in favor of some other therapy.

It is a very interesting phenomenon that causes some people to become hypercritical in their opposition to a therapy and its proponents, to the point of becoming personal ... and I am not referring here to MMS, but to ANY narrow-minded thinking.

I find it VERY off-putting when this stuff becomes personal ... it is extremely hard to understand; we are all on the same side, and on the opposite side from the mainstream establishment. So, we should support each other at least from the perspective that we are all pioneers seeking to better ourselves and help others.

So what if I am researching into chlorine dioxide, you are into Colloidal Silver , "Bill" is into ozone, and "Julie" is into iodine. These things are not mutually exclusive ... unless one of them seeks to be "King of the Hill".

I really believe that it has a lot to do with just not feeling well ... people that feel really good, physically and spiritually, can treat each other with respect and tolerance, even if one says "po-ta-to" and the other says "po-tay-to" ... and appreciate how valuable each of them are merely because of the pioneering spirit and courage they show in their alternative quest for health.


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