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Re: Dr Derry e-mail / Think you don't get brominated? by lel ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   12/13/2007 3:47:37 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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(***Thanks for the suggestion 'High on Water'....Feedback/suggestion very much appreciated. As a 'newbie' to posting and this site, I'm still getting clued into the whole art of it all! :)
As per your request, I have edited the subject.***)

All very interesting.
Thanks to all who have contributed and shared their thoughts and observations. Have yet to explore the interesting links posted by Wombat. Will do so shortly. TY! (:

To add to our little thread here and the debate....
I emailed Dr David Derry the other day with my questions/concern. What a great guy / brilliant doctor!!! He emailed me right back.
Anyway, see my question to him below....And his wise suggestion. Have ordered my Lugol's. Will pickup tomorrow and keep y'all posted on my experience.


Hi there Dr Derry,
I have just ordered your book
as I am a hypothyroid patient with chronic fatigue syndrome and am hoping to work with my physician to try your iodine/iodide protocol. For years now, however, I have avoided salt and supplements that have Iodine because it causes my skin to break out very badly. Can you tell me, have you found any 'fix' for, or way to prevent the Acne Iodine brings on in some patients?
Thanks in advance for your response.

Doctor Derry's response:

Hi ____

People who are allergic to shellfish etc also have this problem.

But it is important to emphasize that Iodine is found and needed in every cell and fluid of the body.
There is no parts of your body without iodine.
Starting from conception onwards.

If you do not have enough iodine then conception (getting pregnant) is quite difficult

It could be Lesley that the prolonged period of avoid iodine or salt with iodine may have made you supersensitive to iodine. I am not sure of this.

I would think that you should start on a re-iodization program for your body and I would do it carefully.

I have been the most successful at working persons (especially women who need it more than men) up very slowly.

Go to your nearest pharmacy and order 100 mls of Lugol's solution.

Using a normal eye dropper.

Put one drop of Lugol's a full glass of water. Take a sip and then put it in the fridge. That is all for today.

The next day-- that is tomorrow- have another sip of the water with one drop of iodine in it.

Do this everyday until the whole glass of water with the iodine is gone.

Then move up to two drops of Lugol's in the water and proceed up slowly again.

This way your body will become accustomed to it and there should be no reactions.

If you do have some reactions then back up in the number of drops you use.

Two drops daily of Lugol's will prevent fibrocystic disease and slow down any Breast Cancer growth,

I hope this is of some help to you

Let me know if you have any problems.


Derry MD PHD retired.

Me again:

To add to the whole debate, I am adding a link to research/discussion of the iodine-selenium connection. See "Interactions between selenium and iodine" in the following link.
Am actually wondering if the missing link I referred to in the iodine Acne connection my be due to a cofactor-type shortage or imbalance that is further aggravated by the increased iodine supplementation....Say of selenium, zinc, Vitamin A, etc? Thoughts?

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