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How many "final straws" do you need? by mtnnndewww ..... Narcissism/Sociopathy Survivors Forum

Date:   12/17/2007 6:29:07 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
Hits:   3,529

Geez, the loser is giving you hint after hint after hint and you still don't take the bait??!! I never examine why a loser is a loser...I examine why the loser's girlfriend is the loser's girlfriend. Your "SO" is exactly who he is. That's the easy part. You let him mop the floor with you and then come back for more. Self-esteem. You don't have any. He gives you pelvic warts and you still do him. He does another woman, you look the other way. He tells you to "Blow him!" do. What do you want a guy like me to tell you? What? What you already know? You don't need anybody to tell you to run like hell in the opposite knew that all along. DO IT! Do we have to start the car, drive to your house and honk the horn??? Stand up straight and tall, refuse from December whatever, 2007 on that you will never settle for leftovers again. That's how women do it. You want to know the secret...there it is. They finally get to the point, over many experiences, where they make the move. Run. You women seem to believe it will all turn around doesn't. 50% of all the American men are dicks. I know, I've met 'em! They aren't worthy! They are embarassments to the upper tier. They aren't in my fraternity of classy guys. Your guy was blackballed from my frat, didn't you get the memo? You gotta walk away, upgrade your life habits, do a better job at work, concentrate on being a better mom, and get rid of all the losers that surround you, cold turkey. That's how it's done! Well, unless you want to give him one more you?

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