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Re: 2008 is the Year of Power - Affirmations by Infinitelove ..... Affirmations & Positive Thinking

Date:   12/31/2007 7:22:44 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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1. 2008 Is the year of my personal power to create my life unhindered by fear & doubt. I Am Now coming fully into myself and I Am Now reaching into my deepest core and shining out with All that I Am!

2. 2008 is the year of clarity and an explosion of power into my life. It is one of expression of All I have learned. I Now fully express the talents that have been created thru my learning as well as those that have long lain dormant.

3. This is my year of Power, Expression and Freedom thru my connection with the Great All, with my own godliness, with the energy Within me that ties to the great Source of All energy! This is mine as a natural part of my being. I Am One with this Power.

4. In each moment, all I need to do is See, Feel & Believe in this connection to Source. I Am Now using the talents & characteristics that are within me.

5. I Now claim this power. I Now claim my Life, my inheritance, my birthright to be a fully self-expressed & powerful human being. I Now walk this Earth with purpose as each guided step is taken in the Light of Love, infinite possibility & unending grace!

6. I now See that glowing spark of Divine Presence that I Am, glowing brighter and brighter within me, expanding out and out, further and further until that spark lights up the world.

7. From This space and place, which makes my heart beat faster, I create my life. I Am now infusing my life with light and energy.

8. Now I let it go, fully charged and burning bright. I watch it ascend into the sky, up and up, until it is a Star that lights my life, hanging in the firmament, guiding my each step. I connect with that Star and see the bond that reaches from that Star down to me.

9. That Star and I are One. I Feel all the power of All That Is, all within me.

10. As I stand tall and reach my hand up to the sky, I point my finger at my Star as I declare myself clearly and fully: I Am! I Am!

11. 2008 is my year to be guided by this Star while Allowing each step to expand my light and lift me higher.

12. Now is the time. 2008 is my year to shine out in Freedom and Godliness as brightly as my Star shines in the sky. I Am!


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