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iodine stores - Re: Kelp Supplier by jfh ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   12/31/2007 12:19:16 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I did take your advice regarding the use of ghee. I did find some supposedly organic. I would not try to make my own. Regardless, my sinus problems must be internal to the tissue; not due to external allergens. The neti pot is very temporary. Too temporary. My symptom is swollen sinuses. Also, an abundance of thick mucous. I think the reason that Iodine and Miracle-Mineral-Supplement exacerbate the symptom is that they both seem to cause the mucous to be less thick; but not enough to drain.

Chlorine dioxide does its work by traveling the bloodstream. Iodine does its work the same way; as well as healing the tissue with which it contacts. Each of them are oxidants and will chelate some metals. CLO2 is very powerful for this. CLO2 is temporary. If it has not contacted a low pH anaerobic pathogen in 2 hours, it is converted to table salt or hypochlorous acid. If it does contact such, it is destroyed as it destroys the pathogen; hence no mutation of the pathogen. Miracle-Mineral-Supplement provides a time release of about 12 hours. Iodine, on the other hand, has the great advantage of being cumulative. I believe this is what you mean by "stores". I am pretty sure that Miracle-Mineral-Supplement will not affect these stores by the nature of it. If anything, the MMS will help it to work better in the same way that it helps the immune system to work better. The MMS clears the way of bad pathogens for the immune system to heal. I suspect this same function will allow the Iodine to gain advantage of its "seats" in the skin, organs, and glands.

Next question is, do you want to have so much oxidation occurring in your body at once? I don't have the courage for that. So, I'm giving MMS priority for a little longer.


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