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newbie and I want to go slow by tofun ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   1/6/2008 7:39:54 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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I was reading Dr. Young's book, The PH Miracle and decided to google sodium chlorite, the ingredient in his ph drops and I ended up here. I have spent the last several nights reading every post (got up to page 13). I read both of Jim Humble's books and feel "in my heart" that Miracle-Mineral-Supplement will finally rid me of candida. I have never felt such hope!

I am fortunate that none of my symptons are such that they "ruin" my life--but they do impact me nonethless. White tongue, bread cravings, toenail fungus, bloating, itchy ears, drippy nose--those are the worst of them.

I have taken interest in fireguy's posts, since it seems that he was following Dr. Young's protocol (including sodium chlorite drops) even before Miracle-Mineral-Supplement hit the alternative health world. I am willing to give this as much time as it takes, but here is my fear--the heavy detox diarrhea and vomiting from the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement that so many experience. I work with little children all day and cannot leave them while I run off to a bathroom. Can I take the "tortoise" approach and cleanse without major dieoff reactions? Would 1 or 2 drops a day over several months help me at all? Or will I need to purge in order to get rid of the bad bugs?

I have started the green drinks and I am drinking 2 liters a day--I am trying to get to 3, but I have to drink more after lunch and in the evening because of the incredible amount of peeing I have to do! I feel better just from the drinks! I was going to order Dr. Young's ph drops but held off when I found this forum. I ordered MMS and it should be arriving any day.

Any advice would be so appreciated...

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