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Date:   1/9/2008 10:17:59 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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You've indicated that Essiac tea caused you problems but I'd like to suggest also Pau d'arco, another herb for cancer.† I've posted the link below on this board before but I don't think that it gets enough attention.† It is a link to a curezone post by a woman was given six months to live who cured her stomach cancer with Essiac and Pau d'arco.† You can click on her member name and see her many posts but basically she says that while Essiac slowed it down, it was the Pau d'arco that cured it.

I too click on every cancer post on MMS.† I'm a prostate cancer survivor - without medical intervention and my PSAs have run in the .7 to 1.3 range since soon after I was diagnosed 15 years ago.† I first ate loads of raw garlic which kills cancer cells in the Petri dish.† I also went vegetarian for a year (which I have not only stopped doing, but gone just the opposite) but think that garlic and things like saw palmetto are what did the trick.

In the 15 years since my diagnosis I have looked at a zillion 'cures' for cancer and have my own strong opinions about most all of them.† A great book about a guy who cured himself of cancer without medical intervention is "Living Proof" by Michael Gearin-Tosh who had bone marrow cancer, one of the deadliest, and was given 6 months to a year to live.† He did several things including the Gerson routines, plus learning how to breath through his toes.† It's an interesting read.† He lived a healthy life for several years after curing his cancer and then died (not in the book) when he got a tooth infection and refused antibiotics.† The infection killed him.† Another cure that I'm impressed with is the Budwig diet.† You can check that out with a Google search though many sites have altered her basic diet well beyond what her book outlined.† (I have read her book.)

Best to you in your cancer quest.

Link to the Essiac/Pau d'arco cure:


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