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Never ending neurological symptoms...please help!!! by Matt567 ..... Epilepsy & Seizures

Date:   1/21/2008 7:06:32 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hello, for almost a year now ive been getting a never ending amount of neurological symptoms.

feeling confused
Brain fog
feeling of detachment from everything
congnitive impairment
slurred speech
almost non-existant memory
muscle spasms
chest pain
general feeling of unwell
There are alot more but cant think of them right now...

They are there 24 hours a day, some i can try to deal with and "accept" but the total change in mental status is just too much. I permanently dont know where i am or know whats going on...
I went to see my GP and she sent me to the hospital straight away as after examining me she though it was a brain tumour...i had numerous tests (CT scan, blood tests, chest x-ray, kidney scan as well as many others) which mostly came back fine (found nothing on the CT scan), the consultant decided its hypercalcemia as a results of kidney problems i had in the past...and i have very high blood pressure..I have since seen 2 kidney specialists who decided its not my kidneys and i dont have hypercalceima( too much calcium in the blood), they are working fine except for some minor issues which dont require attention. and that i should see a neurologist. So now i have to wait forever to see a neurologist, and i just cant stand these symptoms anymore. I have been prescibed tablets to lower blood pressure, but that makes me feel even worse. I get diziness and heart palpitations from it.
I've since had to drop out of university as i mean its hard to do anything intelligent if u dont know what planet your on most of the time! and have just been sat at home for the last 6 also gets alot worse if i do any physical activity, e.g. just walking to the shops or something! Anyone with any ideas? Would be much appreciated
Hope it makes sense as its getting hard to even write now

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