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deleted by #91287 ..... MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution Debate

Date:   2/5/2008 2:03:02 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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hi catlin,

i just wanted to thank you for your concern and care, truly.

you seem very authentic and fair in character and i appreciate that a lot. it is a very beautiful trait. and it comes across in your messages.

i am not writing right now to prove my position and disprove biosafes. this is not the time for that.

i am simply writing to you in response to your heartfelt plea for us to be to careful. it was sweet to read!

---i assure you that in my particular case, i have checked out mms in so many different ways through many channels,avenues and people very involved with mms. i had much to my disposal. i have thoroughly worked throug any "kinks" i had at any given time to my satisfaction concerning the mms protocol--including, but not limited to the chemical solution and how it works -- FOR ME, i am MORE than comfortable with all of it.

without going into too much detail, i assure you that my process with this has been FULL of CARE (careful). it has been a very in depth and subtle understanding that has developed for me over time... i am very confident in my findings and in my direct experience.

i could go into details but it would be a very long post. but briefly ---i met a man 15 years ago when i was in mexico at a holistic health clinic. this man over the years has become a very dear friend of mine. he is an extremely brillant,trustworthy, articualte, experimental chemist friend of mine. he is very in tune and sublte in his understandings and in his heart--- a very balanced man.

he and i have worked very closely over the years. he is the person who introduced me to mms. (to me he is like and angel sent to me and my family 15 years ago ---and he remains that still).

--- he has been very involved in mexico in the holistic health arena for years and more recently, with mms. we have dug in deep and far with mms in so many ways. but most importantly, our own experiences and that of many people we both know personally speaks volumes about the amazing benefits of mms.

no such danger that has been spoken of on this forum recently has come to any of us ...myself, this friend of mine nor any of the number of people we personally know on mms ONLY BENEFITS have come our way... any so so many!!!! from where i stand --- mms has done no harm --only good. no such danger has occurred and i do not expect any such danger in the future ---i need not try to explain why i know this--- let s just say that this is not the time or place for that conversation.

in summary, i write you this b/c you genuinely seemed to care... and i wanted to respond only to that care you displayed in your post. so, i just wanted to put you at ease, atleast in my case.

and perhaps mms isnt for every single person on the planet--- how could i say--- but i have no doubts that it is for me and the others i know personally, at this particular time in our healing journies.

Bless you catlin on your own healing journey--- what ever road you choose. ---from my heart---

i was once told this "TRUST THE MOST QUIETIEST VOICE WITHIN, NOT THE LOUDEST" ---that has never left me.

happy healing, truly--
trust yourself,



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