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Re: QUACKWATCH?! by #76749 ..... Miracle Mineral Solution MMS Forum

Date:   2/8/2008 11:34:24 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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"You just confirmed what you are trying to deny. People here will know you are not the sort to pick out curezone as your place to learn healing if you use quckwatch as your criteria for informative truth."

I didn't find that newspaper article through quackwatch.

I learned about MMS from curezone.  It's where I first saw it, it's through the MMS support forum that I heard all the praises, and I don't deny that it works for some people.  But it didn't do anything for me.  Some people are reporting good results, but from that high activity here on this support group, there really aren't very many reporting positive results.

"But, what IS wrong is to come in and invade a place whose ideas are different than yours and try to convince them that you are right and they are wrong. We are doing what we choose to do."

Whoa... I have in no way invaded the MMS support group with anything negative about MMS other than my own personal experiences - how it hasn't affected me.  If one can't report neutral or negative results, then what kind of a support group is it?  If you don't like my comments regarding Rife (or Hulda Clark), then let's take it over to a debate forum. 

I told a urologist to basically kiss my backside and cancelled prostate surgery after being laboratory tested as having cancer.  The doctor actually screamed at me when I cancelled the surgery date but I did what I wanted to do based on my information.  I have gone for more than 15 years without medical intervention of my cancer.  I have taken my own course in my treatment of cancer and still have my prostate and my PSA levels (measures of potential cancer) are relatively low.  If you think that is mainstream, then you have a right to your opinion.

Some 25 years ago I cured an irregular heart beat, on my own, that really bothered me when I jogged.  The cardiologist who first diagnosed it via EKG didn't even blink when my then current EKG came out without the irregular heart beat.  Never once even asked me a question.

Within the past year I have cured my atrial fibrillation from really severe onsets to nothing at all, and haven't had an episode in 7 or 8 months.  I did it on my own, my way, and refused blood thinning medication (standard medical procedure for this condition) in the process.  The cardiologist just mumbles when I tell him how I did it.

I have refused antibiotics many times over (except for my MMS induced fever around Christmas time) and cured my own illnesses alternatively.

I agree completely that love can heal many conditions.  However, what a lot of people think of as love comes not only with strings attached, but with invasive attributes that do more harm than good.

If this sounds as if I'm relying on allopathic medicine or invading curezone, the please let me know.


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