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Date:   2/18/2008 8:14:01 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Finally joined CZ so I could post some feedback. Very appreciative of the info I've found here.

First found this site after suffering a severe gum abscess last August. I had a crown put in about 10 years ago and it never felt right. Would go for cleanings and the hygenist would say, "I don't know why this area is so red and swollen when the rest of your gums are so healthy". Well, you're the expert lady, if you don't know, how am I supposed to know?

Over the years I seemed to be coming down with something nearly once a week. I chalked it up to teaching college but it happened in the summer just as frequently. Running a fever, blahs, no energy then feel a little better for a few days.
Was really getting tired of being sick all the time! And it was affecting my work as I am a free-lancer and it's hard to be self-motivated when all you want to do is lay on the couch.

Anyway, after the abscess crisis was abated, had my new dentist check it. He took one look and said, "you've got a cavity under this crown." He's the Tooth Whisperer! Xrays proved him right but the bad news was this infection I'd had for a decade had eaten away at my jawbone. Dentist talked about an operation where they put an artificial bone graft in to fill the space - no way!
In the meantime, had the crown taken off, he filled the cavity and put a new crown in. Problem was, he felt that the cavity was so close to the root I might need a root canal. I said no, wait and see, and he agreed.
So I've got one problem solved (feeling like sh*t for 10 years) but 2 new ones - bone graft and root canal.

Went back for a checkup and was recommended deep scaling/root planing as the pockets around the two teeth in question were absolutely canyon-sized. Ok, didn't mind. I think I'm the only person who likes getting their teeth scaled, it feels good to me.
Good news was DR said the root was ok and didn't need a root canal. Yay! Since I wasn't going to get one anyway!
Now my challenge was to find a way to heal the pockets and make the bone grow. Hmm...
Pluses -have been eating a whole food diet since I was 20 (LONG time ago), vegetarian for 5 years, macrobiotic for 10 years, supplement queen, gym rat. Yada yada.
Negs - my age (48) and smoking habit.

Found CZ and decided to try OP. Saw teeth whiten after first time. And my teeth were already pretty white from bleaching. The 3rd day I felt a chunk of plaque come off the back of one tooth, felt like a popcorn kernel.

Back to the dentist - Pockets are shrinking! Gums look great! Wait-and-see holding pattern with the Doc.

PS - also cured intestinal candida which I probably had a little but then got worse after Antibiotics for the abscess. Have also started Iodine which has raised my temperature from 96.8 (dyslexic BMR) to the mid 97's in a few weeks. Did a cilantro chelation at the same time and felt like crap but now feel fantastic. Energy, joy, new lease on life.

Thanks CureZone! And special shout-out to Molly Bloom and Trapper for their informative posts.


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