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Re: eczema, pain, parasites, itch, rash, candida, depression, wrinkly skin, anemia please help me understand whats happening to me by matchmaker ..... Ask Humaworm: Parasites

Date:   2/29/2008 1:37:47 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hi Holavender,

My name is Donna and I feel your pain. I had the same thing that you have to the tea! You are more lucky than I was because you have found Humaworm which will help you. I was out of work for 14 long years before I heard about Humaworm. I suffered so badly. I had severe depression to the point that I was not able to drive a car, write a check or bath myself. I wanted to end my life but thank the good lord I am a christian and I knew what I would be facing if I did that. I was on tons of pain meds, sleep meds, antidepresant meds, antibodics all the time. I was a complete mess. I actually was dying. I found out about Humaworm the beginning of last year after I started praying to God to show me a way to get my health back. After my first cleanse and plain liver flush I could tell it was working. You have to hang in there because you didn't get sick in one day. It took me 2 humaworm cleanses and 3 plain liver flushes to get off all my meds and get my life back. I have tons of energy and I feel like a new person. No execma, no depresson, no pain. It took me a while to get to this point and I am still not out of the woods, I still feel like I have parasites. You can't get them all with a few cleanses if you are really infested with them. RG says it is like setting one mouse trap and you have 20 mice in your house. You can't catch them all with one trap. One Humaworm cleanse will catch a whole lot of critters, microscopic and the larger ones. Everyone is different as to when they will see the big boys come out meaning the flukes, round worms (ascaris) and so forth. You should research your bm with a long stick to see what is coming out since you are so sick. It sounds gross but it is really good because round worms hide in your bm and you won't know you even have them if you don't research. I didn't do it until my second humaworm cleanse because I was scared to look but then I realized that if I didn't look then I would not know what I was infected with. See what I mean? Take a long stick or chop sticks or whatever but do research. You can see by others that post that they take pictures, I took pictures and posted them here also to help other people and also to find out from RG what the heck they were. Hang in there and you are so blessed to have found RG and his company Humaworm! Heres to your restored health in the near future. Donna

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