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Re: How to reclaim your virginity - if you're a "Christian" by #76749 ..... Christianity Debate

Date:   3/2/2008 1:18:45 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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{{{{Now, after centuries of denying that dinosaurers ever existed, they make up the tall tale that Noah had them on the Ark.  He took them on board, so the story goes, as baby dinos.  Amazing that none of them survived after the flood.}}}}}

"Well since you have all the answers, explain the rest."

Boy what a warped mind you have.  I didn't have an answer, I raised a question.  Where are the dinosaurs that creationists say that were aboard the ark?

Your sources are like all evangelical sources (even if you're not evangelical) - they have to jump through zillions of hoops to "prove" the bible correct.  Same way they twist and reinvent the bible and make it say things that aren't even there.

While we're at it, why weren't the Neanderthals saved as well?  Many scientists say they were every bit as intelligent as humans, possibly even more so (their brain size was larger), just didn't have the ability to communicate.  Also, what part of heaven will they be in?  Same as the rest of you guys?

By the way - who says that there is any conflict between biblical creationism and evolution?  I sure don't see any.


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