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Re: Never ending neurological symptoms...please help!!! by LuellaMay ..... Epilepsy & Seizures

Date:   3/15/2008 10:44:16 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Bless your heart Matt, your post just happened to cross my email at the right time.  Notice how you have gone to all sorts of doctors and even been prescribed unnecessary medication (blood pressure medication, yikes!) and things seem to be getting worse.  Tell me that you are off those blood pressure pills, because if they were prescribed unnecessarily, that can open up a brand new can of worms and make everything oh so much worse.  I was once told I was epileptic and having seizures when I was not.

However, has anybody thought to check your thyroid, digestive system, or inner ear?  These could be possible causes to those symptoms.  If the tests came out fine, again rule these out.

Before you see any more physicians trying to find out what is wrong with you, please pay attention to the post of #38976 above and follow his advice.  Read the link and go on a hypoglycemic diet immediately.  Never mind that you are eating well and healthy.  Go on this specific diet.  Also, please let me know what supplements you are taking.

Just as you will notice that doctors have not found a single thing wrong with you, chances are more visits to the doctor will have the same results.  They are stabbing for answers in the dark.  This will result in more anxiety, depression, and confusion for you.  "But.... I know I feel like crap." 

Your story is a familiar one.  It is my story 20 years ago, including the part about visiting doctors, being hospitalized, given every test imaginable, being prescribed unnecessary medication, being poked and prodded and then told, i don't know.......... there's nothing wrong, having to deal with frustrated doctors, and possibly told you will have to live with it.  I have been there, done that.  The best one is being told it's all in your head.  All this can snowball to unnecessary proportions.

Your symptoms all sound like classic anxiety, with a bit of possible panic.  Let me tell you about anxiety and panic.  At the beginnning it does not manifest itself as phobias, nervousness, panic, and neurosis.  At the beginning, you just know that you feel very sick.  Very, very sick.  Actually, with all the symptoms you describe.  And sometimes the symptoms are much worse.  The fear, phobia and neurosis comes later after these prolonged symptoms are not addressed.  Don't go there.  It is a very easy progression.

I am willing to go out on a limb and tell you that yes, you are hypoglycemic but it has nothing to do with your kidneys, as you know now.  You are also suffering adrenal failure as stated in the post above and your body is shortcircuiting.  This affects the physical, emotional, mental, everything.

Follow the hypoglycemic diet.  No more sugar, no more fatty foods, no more red meat.  No more fast foods, No more sodas.  And if you drink, definitely no more alcohol.  These things are absolute poison to your system.

You need a good men's multivitamin, multimineral



papaya enzyme


Grapeseed Extract

Last but not least, I take a supplement called mineral ph made by True Essentials that I attribute to my healing.  Seriously.  This product will give you perfect alkalinity.  I invite you to come visit me at the Ask Tony Isaacs Forum, otherwise my email gets so bogged and I have so many other projects going, that I may very well miss your reply here.  If you need any help finding the supplements mentioned, including the mineral ph, which I give so much credit to, as this product gives perfect alkalinity, I can help you there.  I am very concerned about spamming here and therefore am not providing links.

Lastly, and this is most important, and the beginning.  Clear your mind from worry.  When these symptoms come upon you, do not stress.  Instead rest.  Spirit, Mind, Body, they all work together and they all must be treated together.  Sometimes our body tells us, I need to rest!  And by continuing to push it, things just get worse.  We are forcing that engine when it is telling us to give it a break.  For right now, give this a chance.  And one thing I want you to do right now is to stop.  Love and accept yourself for who and what you are right now with whatever limitations you may have at the moment.  If you don't feel good in any way,  REST, loving and nurturing yourself.  The future is before you.  Your dreams will be realized.  Right now, your body needs to be built up, that's all.

Start here.

I am here to answer any questions.  Please come to the Ask Tony Isaacs Forum featuring Luella May, so I don't miss your post.




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