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Putting all the pieces together...... by KatMT ..... Amalgam Replacement Support Forum

Date:   3/25/2008 6:18:19 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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As I have been delving further and further into Curezone, a light has finally come on in my head. I'd like to share my story and I'll bet a lot of you can relate. I was basically very healthy as a kid and teenager, though I struggled with chronic diarrhea. As an adult I found out I am sensitive to gluten. I also had a lot of headaches which was probably due to the gluten as well. But I rarely got ill or missed school. I am sure years of gluten did not help my health but I didn't break down till I got to college. The first thing I did wrong in college (in 1978) was go to student health services for some small reason and be told that I never got my childhood vaccinations and I had better do so right away. So over the next few months I got the full spectrum of DPT MMR and polio vaccines. Right away I began to mysteriously be sick all the time, with a constant sore throat and feeling of coming down with something. I took a lot of Antibiotics but didn't really get better. Then, in my junior year in college, I finally got braces for slightly crooked front teeth. At this time I got my FIRST filling, a silver amalgam, of course. I got the braces in April and in June of that year I got my first horrible migraine. I suffered with these for seven years until a wonderful dentist who changed my life forever diagnosed me with TMJ and got me on a mouth guard which controlled the migraine-like pain. I had considered suicide before this time because of the intensity of the pain, but also found some wonderful chiropractors who were able to give me temporary relief. My dentist, my savior, from Billings Montana, was using nutrition to overcome lymphatic cancer and had already lived 15 years longer than the doctors told me he would. He did not understand anything about mercury poisoning, but he was a great believer in natural medicine and gave me a copy of Bernard Jensen 's book about colon cleansing. I thought he was crazy at the time but years later would attribute to him my getting on the path to true natural healing. This wonderful man finally died a few years ago from the lymphatic cancer, 15 years after I met him.
At the time I was diagnosed with TMJ, I attributed it to getting the braces. Now I am convinced that the mercury from that very first Amalgam caused me to start grinding my teeth and led to the TMJ.
Over time my intestinal problems worsened and I discovered at the age of 34 that I was intolerant of gluten. Eliminating it helped but I never ever got better. Over the years I have either held steady or gotten worse in my health. Five years ago I had a nearly complete breakdown in health. At the time I was trying to reduce and was eating a lot of canned tuna, like two cans a day. I believe at that time I developed severe mercury poisoning. I had constant severe diarrhea, prostration, fainting, attacks of severe vertigo. I was unable to work for two years. Doing the Specific Carbohydrate and a parasite cleanse helped a lot and in about a year the unrelenting diarrhea stopped. During this time I was having Amalgams replaced as I could afford it. I had the suspicion that they weren't good but was honestly doing it more for cosmetic reasons than anything else! Now, I am convinced that those mercury laden vaccinations, followed by a single mercury filling inn 1980, began the domino effect that led to my poor health all these years. I am getting my LAST Amalgam removed this week and I am very excited. Now I think all my cleanses and health efforts will have a lasting and improving effect, rather than temporary or just holding steady, as it has been in the last 8 years. I can see now that my dentist was mistaken in thinking that my colon was the source of my problems. The colon undoubtedly suffered from years of gluten ingestion, but the straw that broke the camel's back was mercury.

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