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Re: People are people by #68716 ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   4/20/2008 5:27:15 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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I would just reply that there are many doctors who know things, that the vast majority of the doctors don't know. Often, they're called "specialists". There's also a few investors who know things that the vast majority of investors don't know, and those specialists make more money than the masses. There are also some auto mechanics who know more about engines and their repair than others in the vast majority. Some were running reverse-flow coolant through engine blocks long before Genetically-Modified came out with the LT1. My well driller knows a trick for separating old pipe casings easily, whereas other drillers have to use a lengthy procedure. Personally, I know how to do things in my field that others will never learn. Finally, parenting. There are a few parents who know how to better raise a child than do the masses, regardless of how many books there are on the subject or academics sporting PhD certificates on their walls. It's just a law of Nature that some are always smarter than others.

There is no equality in Nature. I'd like to see two strawberries which are identical. Blades of grass. Snowflakes. People. Those who promote equality are living in a fantasy world, and have been watching too much TV. Otherwise, they wouldn't make such assertions that all doctors are somehow equal and if Iodine were beneficial, that all doctors would know about it. A dentist I once employed for about 20 minutes admitted she did not know what ferric oxalate was, nor was familiar with its use in deadening the pain from exposed dentin tubules. People who are quick call others names like "nutjob", in my opinion, never grew up from the 4th grade days when name-calling was fashionable. It's a diverse world, and people ought to learn to celebrate the diversity, instead of believing that anything on this planet is equal to anything else, even among like kind.


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