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I'm already happy w/MiniBeetProtocol by High on Water ..... Ask Trapper

Date:   5/5/2008 10:23:06 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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BTW, why don't you e-mail this guy and get back to us on the "major beet protocol"!

Robert von Sarbacher
POB 223744
Dallas, TX 75222

As for myself, I've only been on the MBP for two days and am highly encouraged-since I had nausea on the first day, I really don't think I'd WANT to try the "major" beet protocol, but there are others here with stronger "constitutions":

WARNING: graphic poop discussion

Well, here comes some more graphic discussion. yuck, but cool

I really do think I crapped out some metal. I've pooped black before, well, very very very dark poop, anyway.

But this WAS black! Always before, when I would wipe (sorry), it would 'clean up' with a brown color. But not this time. I mean, last night when I noticeably pooped out the beet it looked like it was a bloody stool, but it wiped purplish-pink, so I knew it was the beet.

However, this morning, when I wiped, it wiped up charcoal grey, or light BLACK. Now THAT has never happened to me before. And the poop really was just about BLACK in color: and diarrhea.

The swelling in my eyes is a little better, but I still have turkey-throat and gravel-voice. My voice really has cleared up (for the MOST part - most of the time now); it's why I believe that more mercury is finally "on the move" again. I also awoke cold to the core, even with two extra blankets! This is another indication that mercury is on the move.

To have this kind of elimination is very cool, because I know I'm definitely getting rid of something "heavy".

I shall continue to report as this is highly encouraging after only two days.

I must say that I did get nauseous the first day, and I am also consuming magnesium citrate (Peter Gillham's "Natural Calm") to ensure I poop every single day. I took three tsps of the magnesium in warm water three times a day, but have worked down to two tsps of it three times a day (last time being bedtime).

If the diarrhea continues, I will go down to 1 tsp three times a day. I've been dealing with cramping muscles (so I need the magnesium) but I have no tub, so I can't take epsom salts baths.

I'm stoked!

OH PS!!!
This is how I did it.
I cut up one raw beet and 8 raw asparagus into tiny bites. I sprinkled cinnamon and a bit of raw honey over the whole thing and stirred it up and stuck it into the fridge for suppertime. It was very pretty and quite tasty, too. Then I ate two organic Pink Lady apples, and then I ate one large carrot. I took an hour to eat it all...from 7-8pm. (Family was having cook-out last night).

I literally pooped the beet out an hour later! (red stool at about 9pm)

However, at bedtime (11pm) I felt like I was "starving" - but I was VERY bloated. I decided my gut was working hard, so I didn't want to add more food. I simply had my last cup of warm-water&magnesium and went to bed.

I had the black/grey stool first thing this morning.

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