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Re: Newbe need help ! sandover,molly by Earthangel-4-JC ..... Oil Pulling & Oil Swishing Forum

Date:   5/5/2008 10:35:00 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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How about some real good news?!I woke up this morning and the swelling was 1/3 the size it was since Thursday and no pain ! I did several oil pulls with coconut oil and a few drops oil of oregano, swished with Seasalt and water ,and ended by putting Vit E all around the gum,said a very needy prayer and turned in for the night.Pulled again this morning by noon gum was like deflated balloon.Been in Praise mode all day,God is Awsome!Now your concern about the yeast beast they are THE WORST THINGS TO DEAL WITH ! They caused me depression,anxiety attacks,vertigo,sinus problems,allergies ect....I am the proud owner of 60+ books on diets,herbs,candida,ibs, liver cleanse,and exercise,wont even count cookbooks! Have taken Three lac ,Par d aco ,Garlic,Caprylic acid .Did what I could by my self.Refused to take meds for High cholesterol,got stuck with meds for High Blood pressure.With diet and sups went from 288 to 186 HDL Ch L 36 to 53 ! Bp went from 177/110 to 115/79 took myself off meds slowly.Started with a local chiro ,Nutritional counselor.Did 14-day Rejuvenation Program used formula sf722 removed wheat and a few more allergens.Made very good progress but still felt foggie,tested for pollens,all of them don't like me tested good with MSM for that problem .This tooth thing popped up and spooked me.I was planning to call dentist this morning .Still should to see what is up .Need to find better dentist . Sorry this is so long.My family are always telling me I could right a book. I think there are enough out there and seems to me the new ones are quoting the old ones. Is the pic of your girls? If so they are beautiful.I have 4 children.My baby will be 20 in July he qraduates Naval boot camp this Friday My husband and two of his brothers are flighting out I will miss it as when booking I wasn't doing to well .I'll be there in spirit ! Thank you again for your post.and reading mine! May God watch over you and yours,Renee

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