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Re: Origin of God by trapper/kcmo ..... Christianity (Biblical) Support

Date:   5/15/2008 3:47:54 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hoss L
Wed 5/14/08 9:03 PM

As a believer in the Bible, I would like to applaud the rational approach you've taken and the important questions you have posed. It appears to me that you have identified a major problem within Christianity: hypocrisy. I would disagree, of course, with your conclusion that God is imaginary however. I admit I have not thoroughly read all of your 50 proofs, but I did view your milkjug video and looked over a few of your proofs. I will concede that I cannot prove that MY God is the Creator, but I can demonstrate mathematically that a Creator must exist. Psalms 14:1a says, "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God." This is mathematically and demonstrably true. Allow me to explain. It is widely held that a likelihood of less than 1 in 10^50 constitutes a mathematical impossibility. This assertion is based on the calculation that there are approximately 10^50 electrons in the universe. Given this, all that remains to resolve the question of whether Nobody created life (i.e. random chance) or Somebody created life (i.e. God) is to calculated the likelihood of spontaneous initiation of life. This can be done by determining a number of factors necessary and multiplying the likelihoods of the individual factors together.

Now, a one with 50 zeros behind it is a big number; of that there can be no question. But it is cut down to size rather rapidly when one starts to consider how many factors and how unlikely each is. Rather than pretend to list all of the factors that would enter in to the spontaneous generation of life, please permit me an illustration. Imagine a nickel. Now flip the nickel. The odds that it will come up heads is 50-50. Simple enough. Two nickels, both heads: 1 in 4. Each additional nickel will decrease the odds of all the nickels coming up heads by 50%. This means that by the time you have 170 nickels, a mere $8.50, you have exited the realm of possibility that all of them will land heads up by chance. If the odds of each event (factor) occuring is 1 in 10, 50 such factors occuring becomes impossible. 1 in 1000, about 16 factors. Now, use your own intelligence and contemplate the many variables involved with a spontaneous genesis of a viable lifeform in an environment that will allow it to survive long enough to progenerate.

Your points about various aspects of Christianity are both well made and well taken, but your conclusion that they indicate an absence of any Creator is simply folly.

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