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Re: Newbie Warrior by omniguy ..... Warrior Diet Forum

Date:   7/18/2006 10:18:56 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Thanks for your response..
My mother developed type 2 diabetes and it was ultimatley resposible for her early demise. It was a horrible way for her to die. She was barely 60 and did not do what she needed to do to rectify her condition. She still would eat powdered doughnuts and wash them down with a huge glass of OJ. My doctor tells me he thinks I inhertited my current condition from her.

I took an oral glucose test and it took 78 units of insulin to bring down the 100 grams of dextrose that I drank. My cells no longer respond to insulin,so my pancreas just keeps dumping insulin into my bloodstream to take care of the free flowing glucose in my system.

I think, alot has to do with the 80's where it was carbs,carbs,carbs. Remember Eat to Win by Robert Haas? I was an aspiring bodybuilder and I followed his recommendations. I would eat cups of brown rice,grapenuts,2-3 baked potatoes,whole wheat noodles,whole grain bread and some protein all in one day.

I didn't realize that that eating plan was making me ill. I just thought I was overtaxing my digestive system with all that food and that was the cause for my general malaise. I was getting bigger,but so was the sizes of my belts.

So I think that way of eating ,plus an inherint trait have added up to my current condition. Beides the insulin reitance,I have low testosterone from testicular cancer(sorry for all the info) and I have just been exhausted.

I hope someone out there has had some comparable problems and has some good insight from the Warrior diet. I did order AVs 2 books today, and Anthony Coplos Great Cholesterol Scam.
fsnaturelady,do you feel markedly levels,cognitive function etc. doing raw foods?
did you happen to see my post regarding raw dairy on the Raw forum?

Thanks again

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