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Re: parasites and salt by Briseis_of.Troy ..... Ask Humaworm: Parasites

Date:   8/17/2006 5:08:18 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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table salt is bad for you yes. I wont argue with you on that.
It has been dehydrated, bleached, and had all the nutrients sucked out of it.

Your body NEEDS salt, it HAS TO HAVE IT. Some people have hypertension because
theyre bodies are lacking salt. You ever notice how animals gravitate towards
salt stones? Theyre bodies crave it, once you start depriving an animal of its
salt intake it begins to get ill. Salt is an electrical conductor inside the
body amoung many things, it regulates hormones ( esp adrenals), contains valuable
trace minerals, helps the body maintain homeostasis by keeping water inside
the body, dead water ( as i like to call it ) that has no mineral content or salt in it is quickly flushed out ofthe body, and is not absorbed.

Think of it this way, primitives, and ancient peoples consumed several grams
of natural salt every day and yet they had no high blood pressure, high blood
pressure has only been an issue the last 50 or so years. Just like all of our
other "modern " Diseases. Disease is not normal , nor is depriving your body
of what it needs. Did you know that Saturated Fat isnt bad for you either?
Neither is Cholesterol. Its a lie! Trans fats and hydrolized vegetable oils
are what cause heart disease.

Healthy primative tribes have ALWAYS and STILL consume 35-80% of theyre daily
calories in animal fat, and yet they have NO HEART DISEASE OR CANCER. They
also value salt. You need to familiarize yourself with the research of the
late Weston A Price DDS. I encourage you to read his work and decide for yourself
i have and i cannot ignore the implications of his research.

and read his book as well.

you will find that all primitive and native diets constained some salt.

Also just so you know YES, there is a certian amount of salt that is bad for you.
But think of it like wine, a little every day is excellent for you ( antioxidants
and what not) but too much will hurt you. If you deprive yourself of salt you
are depriving your body of an ESSENTIAL nutrient, and you will eventually
pay the consequences. Im not advocating eating a TON, but a couple grams a
day with plenty of water is very good for the body. This is the ONLY time
in history where doctors and folks have said " dont eat salt". Our great
ancestors would have looked at us like we were nuts if they could hear us.
Remember they didnt have hypertention and yet they consumed several grams
of natural salt a day. In fact it was often the poor who couldnt acquire
as much salt that would fall ill the first with viruses and bacteria.

Salt was used in olden times to preserve meats, it was one of the only
ways , they didnt have refrigerators! Why would a natural process of preservation
be bad for you? Our ancestors knew a HELL of alot more about nutrition than
we do. They consumed lots of Fat, Dairy, moderate amounts of Salt, fermented
vegetables and the like. And they where Healthy! Sure plagues came and went
but did they suffer in droves from cancer and heart disease...NO, it was
RARE! So rare in fact that it wasnt until 1905 that heart disease had
a rate of 5%. Before that people just didnt get it, and yet it was within
the drop of salt and fat consumption that we see heart disease and cancer
rising!! Intaking alot of salt without potassium can cause a problem because
the two work together. Here is a little exerpt about why the body needs sodium

Sodium: As all body fluids contain sodium, it can be said that sodium is essential to life. It is needed for many biochemical processes including water balance regulation, fluid distribution on either side of the cell walls, muscle contraction and expansion, nerve stimulation and acid-alkaline balance. Sodium is very important to the proper function of the adrenal glands.

Again i urge you to read the work of weston price. You will be suprised
to find what is thought to be bad for us is essential to our existence.
We have the most low-fat, low-salt, low-carb diet in the history of man
and we are still dying in droves of all these diseases. We need
to turn to the wisdom of our ancestors, they were truly wise and
mindful of natures laws.


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