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Re: Still no period 3 months post removal by mothermayhem ..... Mirena, Skyla IUD Forum

Date:   6/13/2008 10:40:42 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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I also didn't have a period for the 3.5 years I was on the Mirena. During that time I switched gynos and neither of them were ever concerned at my lack of menses. They all reassured me this was normal for Mirena. This year, I switched endocrinologists, who I see for a thyroid problem, and he was concerned because no period can be an indicator of thyroid problems. I had my thyroid and estrogen and testoterone checked to make sure. They all came back normal. Having your estrogen and testosterone levels checked would be a good way to discover if your body was off balance and limit some of your worry. I'm pretty sure the risk of no menses is having the wrong amount of estrogen in your body which is where the pill comes in giving a steady amount of hormone in your body. I know your doctor is concerned at the lack of periods, is she/he the one who recommended the Mirena to you? It would be a funny coincidence since no period is a big selling point for the mirena.
I wouldn't want to discourage you from taking your doctors advice, but I feel like you are hesitant about taking the pill and are being made to feel like there is a problem that you should worry about and treat because of the worst case scenario. I think most of the women here have felt pushed into the mirena or mislead as to its benefits and I feel that your doctor might be doing the same to get you on the pill. You should of course do what's best for you. I've had one period since my removal in April, it was the first I've had since January 2004, and there's no sign of the next one but I'm not worried. I know my body is balanced and it will happen. My nurse p at removal said it could be as soon as the day after removal or three to six months after and to be patient.
Evening primrose oil is a beneficial supplement, its used for treating PMS symptoms, and helps reduce inflamation but I've not read anything on it stimulating periods or hormones. It's supposed to make your hair and nails grow thicker and healthier.

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