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Re: the curezone hall of fame by fledgling ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   6/27/2008 6:15:47 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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MadArt (ist),

It's a kaleidoscope, isn't it?! ...Partly because we are so varied in our points-of-view.

For me, it really wouldn't matter if I had many 'numbers' to hide my 'style', and preferences, would always be anyone who gave a toot, pro or con.

Too 'sweet'? Not really. Just exercising my 'old-fashioned' muscle. If I don't write in the 'old' style, who will?

Besides, I was there. Lots of good stuff to remember.

Funny thing, that's what formed my life, the 'old' led me directly to where I am today...maybe all of us.

I think I rely heavily on the 'Law of Attraction', from long before it was 'passed' ( :D ), that we will all be drawn toward the information we need...or we won't, yet.

I saw a program on elderly criminals in prison. It's strange that few of them, if any, seemed to be a threat any longer. That seems to indicate either that they all got their 'smarts' at similar ages in their lives, or that they have all forgotten their reasons for anti-social behavior.

Whatever way we 'organize' ourselves, maybe we will always do the best we can with whatever is at hand.

In the case of human beings, our best is considerable.

I always enjoy your posts, and learn from them. Thank you so much.


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