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Please come back! by HennaHead ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   7/12/2008 7:29:40 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Sometimes here I find it is best not to get too happy! I have the worst grammar, think faster then I type, have a kid who interrupts me so I type the wrong word in, and sometimes someone will let me know about my poor grammar, but I refuse to give in and stop posting. (Run on sentence) I am a person! I have a voice! Iodine did great things for me just as soon as I started using it and if I had written it with all the excitement I had about it, there would have been nasty things said about me too.

My fingers have been torn up for years from working in a resturant for 4 years during my teen years. I am severely allergic to chlorine and ammonia and we used it on our dishes and to mop with. My doctors have offered me all kinds of treatment for them, but I had one doc who told me I was OCD and was washing them to much. I've tried everything alternative under the sun to help heal them. Even organic cotton gloves for 6 months 24 hours per day. I accidently got Iodine tincture on my fingers the first week of trying to figure out how to paint with it while waiting on my Lugol's and my fingers started healing up! My fingers are healed now. Now I just have flaky skin on my tips.

Even though my grammar is pathetic compared to the brainiac's, I still have something valuable to offer and so do you! I'm sorry I missed the pictures. Hang in there and I can completely understand vaginal pain and have had days where I felt like I was going to die because it was so severe. As soon as it would come it would leave. I've just never investigated as to what caused it. I probably have the most bazarre story of anyone here and people would not believe me if I told them, so I don't share. I want to be here because I learn from people who dont have the most gentle personalities too! Stay! And let us know how Iodine changes your sadness to happiness and know there a few here who are rooting for you!

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