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Re: People living in the USA, by MH by awakened ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   7/15/2008 10:13:30 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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I think this is so sad and it is true. The year is 2012 with the NWO. If they get our guns in the USA we are done. I rue the day the us military is turned on its own people in the name of terrorism. Last night in the news they said the list is over one million 1,000,000 (terrorists) people. Good grief what a joke. Also the president sign, a law making it okay for the telecommunication companies to eaves drop on the american people without a warrant. They have a recording of every telephone conversation evermade, and internet activity. Stripping away our american rights from the constitution all in the name of terrorism. This whole war thing started with osama binladen. Never hear of him anymore. Wake up people, stop and think about it. With all the high tech stuff they have, and special ops, spys, they can't find the one guy who "blew up the world trade center". What a joke. All those great human characteristics are trying to surface. Greed, power, lies, hate toward others, that whole me first attitude, and @#$% everyone else. Fight the urges to follow the crowd. Love your fellow human being, and show compassion toward him. We all need to help each other and not just look the other way.

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