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Re: People living in the USA, by MH by mh ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   7/16/2008 12:23:23 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Since $$$ is only computerised numbers, I have never seen a country have DEBT? It has to be a 100% joke, the entire system world wide, created/controlled by a handful of people and used as the ultimate FEAR FACTOR!

The USA and all countries have ZERO DEBT, it is all a joke and the joke stops the day the people STOP having faith in the mason system of government and on that day, vaccinated soldiers will point and kill their own families if told to do so for the good of their government.

THEY use starving people to keep the act going onward, keeping X amount of the population on wealfare/food stamps. Those on welfare/food stamps are the ones that feed the WAL-MART WAY of this WORLD. With out welfare, the system would crumble. Fake $$$ keeps this earth spinning.

WAR in the past 80 years has been BULL, not to save people, but to eliminate those who refused the UN WAY, the american mason way.

America as it turned out never has been independant, the "mothers" hand has always controlled the USA from abroad, but as least we do not put up signs calling us the Queens Land..............but we are nothing but one part of the mason system that grips this world for the pope's dark ages war that has been around for the past 2,000 years. It is the vaccinated soldiers so brain washed that has made the past 80 years a war against their own families, otherwise if the soldier had their own MIND, they would reject the idea of killing their own people in order for the GOOD OF ALL, because it has never been for the good for all, but for the good of those serving their pope/father. Population control is their way, their system for peaceful control of their stock.

The System will fall, NO COUNTRY has ever been allowed to slaughter the people for more than a few hundred years at a time, before the owners perish with disease and they are invaded/slaughtered and if that doesn't work, then natural disasters/disease or good old fashioned rocks from hell teach the all a lesson that goes down in history and allows a new generation to emerge.

The family that has no job, is at the mercey of their extended family or government and today, the governments have done all they can to break up the non catholic families and must the family system and create the masses to fall to their knees and beg for welfare and once hooked, kids are born into the system and by the 2-3 generation, these kids grow up as predators believing they might as well die today as any other day if they can't have what they want, when they want it.

These next years will be exciting times in history and many religions have their names for such times and many believing all hell is going to break loose. So having 3-11 day food supply is like holding a 5 gallon gas can with bo lid and a torch in your other hand that can't be put out, eventually it is going to be bd news.

The art of fasting should be practiced to the point that going with out food for 30 days would bring no alarm to you. Stocking non perisable good foods only makes sense. All the fake $$$ in the world is worth zero if you can't buy your next meal with it and just think of all the rich people on earth the day they discover their worldly $$$ is worthless????????????????? Those behind the $$ systems of this world think they are smart, because they trick people into caring for their needs, otherwise they "know" money is worthless...with out $$$ they need to BEAT you as a SLAVE and as a unhappy slave, you may poison your masters or stab them in their sleep. So "they" are fooling NO ONE, their systems are to make us slaves work for their benefit unlike any monoply game that people fight for power/control.

For these reasons, people are stock piling weapons and soldiers trained to kill such people. The current war was to kill anyone with a weapon, it had little to nothing to do with the twin towers, sadam or anyone else; it was just a depopulation of the gun toters in the world... he who has the biggest weapons sets atop the heap. It will never change...

Big brother owns it all, we only pay rent and are permitted to pay rent as long as we obey. Get out of line and they will remove you as fast as any farmer removing a worthless cow/hog from the farm, no differance! Life is a GAME, those learning the hard way, often don't get to play very long and fill the grave yards early. The Bible says the only thing of value is WISDOM, the unwise will stumble into every worldly trap. The trapper knows the uneducated are the next days catch.



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