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Preventative medicine before swimming pool exposure??? by sandover ..... Ask Trapper

Date:   7/22/2008 8:55:32 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Hi Trapper and all --

Part of my beliefs these days about the roots of my health problems over the years has to do with iodine depletion, and insufficient supply to begin with, from an early age I should mention that the other slices of this what-went-wrong-early pie include: a largely SAD from an early age in many ways, including being formula-fed (I had jaundice when born, and Mom was told breast feeding was out...); processed milk that probably helped fuel my chronic ear and throat infections; the even relatively few vaccinations I received; and lots of grains -- my mom was in fact ahead of her time in terms of looking out for additives and doing things like baking her own bread, but we still at lots of processed carbs in the form of pasta and so forth.)

However, I think my iodine reserves were being assaulted at an early age, too. While I ate bread and salt back then (I was born in 1967) that was probably iodine-enriched, I am not sure that I even made it out of childhood with my stores intact. From an early age I spent time in swimming pools, and after age 6 or 7 when our community pool opened, I was there a lot during the summer, and in other pools as well. I remember going to one pool at age 11 or 12 where they must have dumped a whole big bucket of chlorine in rather than the usual few scoops -- my eyes burned for days after being in it. (Note: we had well water, which at least did not contribute chlorine or fluoride to my internal halogen mix! I remember my dentist -- probably just before he would give me those fluoride-gel treatments, always commenting on what strong teeth I had, and I wonder if that was because of our pretty mineral-rich water and its lack of halogens.)

Skipping over a lot since then (including further causes of depletion of iodine and other nutrients after I got out of pools and dove headfirst into drugs and alcohol...!) I am now faced with a dilemma. The rigid hardcore reformed sicky that I am, my first feeling is, "I will NEVER let my daughters -- now 3 -- swim in a pool until they can swim in an ocean-sourced or iodine-treated pool!" The flexible mom part of me has realized, especially this summer -- the first I have been able to accept some pool invitations due to previous summers' being unable to due to migraine and not being able to be out in the sun myself, and to generally not having been able to enjoy a situation around deep water with two imps that can go the opposite ways fast -- that perhaps I can approach swimming in the pool with caution and preparation.

Here's what my thought is. (This is all spurred by the fact that we need to go stay at my mom's for a while, and there is a lovely little pool down the street, and we went there recently and they had a blast... .) I have been supplementing with iodine for a year and a half. Part of that time I was still nursing 1 or 2 times per day, and then about this time last summer when I stopped nursing them, I starting giving them a drop or two of Lugol's 1-3 times a week, on average, loosely (there was a while when I was out of Lugol's, I am good about it and then bad about it, and so forth. So, I feel that they may have sufficient stores to keep the bad pool chlorine out, and seek opinions on that from you all.

Some things to mention:

We have chlorinated municipal water, and I try to remember to add some Vitamin C each time they take a bath. So again, while I am not fastidiously perfect about this, they have probably not gotten as much chlorine from that source as many of their friends. (And perhaps the iodine has helped keep the Cl out? I am unclear on that, which is a big part of my question to you all -- and I will try to remember to cross-post at IoSupp, too.) I largely do my cooking with distilled water, and most of the time they drink distilled water -- again, I forget to buy it sometimes (and husband can balk at paying for non-tep water when we are pretty strapped for cash these days...) but for the most part, they consumed halogen-free water.

They have never used fluoridated toothpaste.

I give them Vitamin C as their "juice" (serves a two-birds-with-one-stone purpose: 1) gets them C and 2) their friends drink juice, and when I use the Emergen-C packets it looks like juice!)

They love to eat sea salt -- and I am glad to give them the Redmonds they want -- they like to lick it off their hands, much as I liked to lick the salt blocks we used to leave out for the horses -- so I hope this helps with some pushing-stuff-out like it does in the Io Supp protocols, and I do try to coordinate it with when I give them the iodine (although and again, never perfectly)

They hopefully get selenium from nut butters -- peanut or almond, which we eat more of. (As for mineral levels being OK, they are "Excellent" when it comes to iron, a result of the test they ran at the doctor's office when I was getting their back-to-school check-up.

So, my question is, can I let them in the pool since this other stuff is going on that will hopefully mitigate or eradicate the effects of chlorine absorption? I can step up the post-iodine salt/C intake after the pool days are over (although even after Mom's, we have a blanket invitation to the la-di-da country club in Charlottesville, which with embarrassment I will gladly admit I f'ing is peaceful and I don't have to pay a cent for it!).

I'll really appreciate any support here. I want them to have fun but that control freak voice I have keeps saying they'll suffer as a result.

(Isn't it funny to write this...if I went to most doctors, or laypeople, they would probably say, "YOU DON'T WANT TO ALLOW YOUR KIDS INTO A NICE CLEAN SWIMMING POOL, BUT YOU ARE REGULARLY GIVING THEM A KNOWN POISON????"

Ah, how glad I am I found Trapper, Curezone, and all of you.

Best and thanks,



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