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Re: Dang dental costs!!!! by nomula ..... Dental Problems Support Forum

Date:   8/4/2008 7:45:22 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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I had all my mercury removed 2.5 yrs ago. After looking around US wanted over $10,000. Went to Tijuana and had it done for about $2000. That was 8 fillings removed and refilled with composite, 1 old unfinished rootcanal removed, 4 cavitations recleaned, 1 crown replaced.

Now I have decay under every one of the new fillings, pockets in 3 places that only come clean from the waterpick (two next to my crowns).

I went to three different dentists in Fresno all claiming to be non-mercury type dentists. First wanted $3000 for fillings and one crown. Second said I needed two crowns and fillings for $8000 !!! then found a Huggins dentist, quote is just over $2500. I asked if he had done all my mercury replacement in the first place how much and he said about 10% more. So I saved initially, but if I had found this guy local (searched for about 3 months) I would have paid just a little more and had it done right the first time!

I am waiting for blood test to come back telling which materials are least reactive for my body, then will have all my fillings redone.

This sure has been a learning experience for me! I do not regret going to mexico to have the mercury removed though. My energy returned that had been steadily declining since college. Twenty years of problems denied by drs and dentist that it was from my fillings.

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