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Types of material to use by gunnerrat ..... Orgone Energy Support Forum

Date:   8/10/2008 4:00:49 PM ( 13 years ago ago)
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I found this on - very insightful:

There are no better than other metals for orgonite; however there are better than other and worse than other metals for SPECIFIC purposes.. Kinda like entering a rowboat into bicycle race and vice versa.. They are both excellent sustainable vehicles... Make sure the path is appropriate... Smile

Steel and aluminium are excellent metals for tactical, large field pieces that are created and gifted for societal infrastructures, ie. buildings, antennas, martial law transmitters (aka cell tower),power-lines things of resonnce with that metal.. Vehicles and their supportive logisticals especially i.e. airports, parking lots, bus and train stations... Cautionary here about aluminium: keep it from personal interative and water born gifting... Personl and water borne are in the realm-relationships of biology and if they're aluminium in physical or etheric resonance this is a true gateway for dissonance and dis-ease eventually that will have to be very cleaned up later... Do us and yourself a favor and cause less work for later by keeping the aluminum for cities, mountain top arrrays, power-lines etc and away from friends and fishies... Thanks!

It's mainly about resonance! Copper, platinum, titanium, and the other "higher" metals (up to a point that is.. make sure to keep the radiatives away from the repetiore for a while.. That tech is gonna be difficult to be sure!) are very important for the chemistries of more complex beingness to support the habitation of refined Consciousness.. You might to want to dip into a little wiki-assist didactiveness here for examples of this to get a more full and rounded set of examples to lean on. Copper, platinum, gold, titanium and most of their alloys (though check out the other metals each time for any potential dissonance) are the essentailly main metals for bio-energetic enhancing orgonite,i.e meditation, healing, mental/physical/emotive/spiritual protection and counter-countering, etc.

Brass, Tin and Bronze are great for the go betweens to bridge the citysphere (Steel and aluminum) and the personal bio-balancers(gold, copper, titanium, etc...) My feeling is that bronze, brass, and tin are excellent for nature gifting.. almost needfully so... Again, IMHO, I caution you to kep from using aluminum for nature gifting if you can... Most gifters will say that it is all right and I do agree with them in two regards: 1 if you are unable to find any metal except aluminum right now and your Self-Source is telling you you need to make and gift RIGHT NOW then DO IT!! and 2) it's only a short term solution that the next two-three waves of gifters to come will have to deal with... I'll be with them and have allways been cursed with mega-long term thinkning/feeling/existence so that's my two bit there...

Here's another tip that just came through.. When making towerbusters do as much as you can to include a bit of copper in there.. even if it's only a strand or two from a copper scrubby. The Obstructionists have taken a compnent of Tesla's coosmic-energy tech concepts and have created a webbing of copper antenni under nearly all martial transmitters... When these are to be powered-up to a level where they'll be supposedly capable of popping the bodies of whole city populations (literally.. "rivers of blood" sound familiar to anyone?) , the energy will be transmitted in a variety of extremely ELF and Ultra high waves to be attempted to be drawn into application via these copper webbings... TBs with some copper in them will have a greater and more far reaching disabling effect upon this apparatus. Truly terrifying in concept, though regular steel or aluminum tbs without the copper will do the job if there are enough of them.. the extra bit of copper will add 'entanglement' characteristics to the device when this is occurring and might allow towers that have never been gifted both near and very far away to be 'brought down' so to speak..

Get mixing and stop the suffering waaay ahead of the Obstructionists schedule and right on time in ours!


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