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Losing my religion... by missCast ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   8/12/2008 12:08:25 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Sorry to get complainy but chelation is kicking my ass. I wouldn't mind except from what I'm reading, this could go on for a couple of years.
I've been searching the archives and not reading anything about your own chelation experiences, if you even had any, you Super Race, you.
I used to think I was fairly healthy, all things considered.
Iodine has revealed the true me - a walking toxic dump, a ticking nuclear clock.

Zombie days interspersed with heavenly interludes of joy, energy and infinite possibilities.
Then, every few days, a day of random mystery aches, stomach cramps, extreme fatigue yet unable to sleep, urinating every hour and through the night, constipation, then diarrhea - oh joy.
Dark moods, even perky Mary Carillo at the Olympics is pissing me off. I just want to cold c**k her for no reason at all.

Bubbly and cloudy urine, big time, which seems to be bromine rather than mercury? I don't think it's too much protein, yesterday all I ate was watermelon, blueberries and popcorn with olive oil and Sea Salt (yum!).
To paraphrase Carly - there were clouds in my urine, clouds in my urine.

After the first few months I felt I was chelating mercury. Metal taste in my mouth, hives, foggy brain and, maybe my imagination, but I could swear my urine had a shiny appearance. Was able to exercise almost as much as I used to, which was 5-7 days/week. Now I look at my running shoes and go 'meh' before collapsing on the couch. Maybe that's why Mary Carillo is pissing me off. She looks like she's still hitting the gym.

Now I think it's bromine that's kicking my ass.
I get the mercury load. Had a lot of amalgams, ate a lot of sushi and sea vegetables and in college, basically lived on canned tuna and diet coke. But how can I have that much bromine? I haven't had a soda in 20 years, don't eat fast food, eat organic fruits and vegetables, no dairy except yogurt, bread only a couple of times/month.

Am taking 150 mgs/day (I think...) 60 drops of 2% lugols.
I take 5-8 Grams of C, 800 mcg selenium, magnesium,B's, E, niacin, Epsom Salt baths, salt loading, oil pull.

What keeps me going besides stubborn compulsion?
Thicker hair, better skin tone, greener eyes, better eyesight, better balance, lower body fat and a torn meniscus that seems to have healed.


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