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Health Ranger's Opinion by golfeggs ..... Conspiracy Forum

Date:   9/16/2008 6:40:47 AM ( 13 years ago ago)
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Just thought I'd post what the Health Ranger said about all this. We're going to jump out of Washington Mutual to a credit union tomorrow I think. They are supposed to be more stable. I think I'm going to subscribe to the Health Ranger's "Mindful Wealth" newsletter too. $40 a year. Well worth it if it helps. Thinking about investing what little we have in gold too.

Health Ranger
A financial tidal wave is underway in America today. As we've been warning NaturalNews readers for nearly two years now, the total collapse of the U.S. financial system is imminent. Just today, Lehman Brothers collapsed and is now bankrupt. The AIG insurance company is collapsing as we speak. Merrill Lynch just lost everything... it's history! WashingtonMutual bank is plummeting rapidly and may crater before the end of the week.

Americans are practically in a financial panic, and they're watching their life savings vanish from financial institutions they once thought were rock solid stable. Wachovia is reportedly about to plummet as well... the bank runs have begun, folks. The financial end game is upon us. America's highly-leverage financial system is about to implode.

I got news for ya, friends: The FDIC is bankrupt, too. There's no possible way it can cover the cascade of fancial failures rocketing through Wall Street right now. You are right now witnessing an historical event: The financial downfall of the American Empire. I'm not even sure America as we know it will survive these unfolding events, because the federal government is bankrupt, too.

So what can you do? First, get signed up for my 'Mindful Wealth' email newsletter, which will start sending emails this week about how to protect yourself from the financial fallout:

Secondly, there's a financial newsletter you need to subscribe to. I've set up a special offer for NaturalNews readers that gets you hundreds of dollars worth of bonus reports as you subscribe to The Complete Investor (my "secret source" for cutting-edge financial news and investment advice). Click here to subscribe now. This is the financial newsletter written by the guy who wrote The Coming Economic Collapse. He's been warning about this financial storm for years... This is what I read to get the scoop on what's headed our way. I consider this to be Must-Read Material for being "in the know" on what's coming.

I am working on a major, breaking story about the financial tidal wave and I plan to publish it tomorrow. Watch tomorrow (Tuesday), or even late Monday night for that story. It's my #1 priority today to finish that story and get it to you.

Finally, to calm your nerves and help lift your spirits during these challenging economic times, do you know what you really need? CHOCOLATE! And not just regular chocolate; you need some Righteously Raw chocolate.

That's the name of the company featured in today's Raw Food Product Review, where I'm announcing the best new raw food products. Today's product is an outrageously delicious, new line of chocolate bars that are USDA organic, raw, vegan and simply amazing. Read my review here:

Besides, you might as well buy all the chocolate you want right now, because U.S. dollars are about to become worthless. Today, you can trade them for land, food or even gold. But if you don't take action now to protect yourself, you'll soon find them to be worthless: Retirements, savings accounts, investments and more. Click here to subscribe to The Complete Investor where you can learn how to protect yourself so you can be safe and even prosperous in the Next Society...

And remember, folks: The world is not ending. Just the financial system you've known in the past is ending. We'll still be here after the financial fallout. Life will go on. The only question is: Do you choose to be empowered, informed and protected? Or will you join the ignorant masses in the coming global financial wipeout? The difference between those two groups is KNOWLEDGE. I'll bring you as much knowledge as I can, but it's your job to read, stay informed and take action.


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