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Has China Declared War Against America? by golfeggs ..... Politics Debate Forum

Date:   10/5/2008 7:41:03 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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I've been saying China has us over a barrel for a while now. They have invested so much money in the US, we are dependent on them. They own us. So now they can do what ever they want to us. Here is just one area  they're attacking us at. The silent biological war.


Has China Declared War Against America?

October 4, 2008


It started with pet food contaminated with melamine. There were reports of pets all over the country dying from kidney failure. Now, we're discovering that melamine is in literally thousands of products all over the world that humans consume from baby food, to pigs, to wheat gluten, to rice protein, to candy. Ironically, it's all coming from China. 

If a problem like this were isolated to one product and the manufacturer was caught it would be one thing. When something as serious as we're now finding effects so many different consumable products, it can no longer be passed off as an accident or a simple mistake. This appears to be a silent method of warfare, and food is the weapon our enemies have chosen.

Perhaps all those drum beats during the opening ceremony of the Olympics had far more to do with being the drum beats of war than a ceremony to open a sporting event. Check out all the stories and clips for yourself posted below about the level and depth of the melamine contamination and draw your own conclusions. If this isn't bioterrorism, what else would you call it?

What is melamine? Read what Wikipedia says here.

Read "Melamine found in pet food may not be accidental" here.

Melamine found in baby formula. Parents beware. Read about it here.

FDA says melamine has been put in the food intentionally. Watch this short video clip here.

Melamine found in Snickers, Kit Kats and other candies. Read it here.

Melamine tainted candy shows up in U.S. Read about it here.

Melamine detected in pigs. Consumers of all pork products beware. Read about it here.

USDA and FDA allow the sale of chickens and pigs found contaminated with melamine. Watch this short video clip here.

Melamine found in fish farms. Be sure you know where the fish you consume is from. Read more here.

Melamine found in more Chinese food products. Read about it here.

These stories barely scratch the surface of this problem. Look for much more to come on this unfolding story.


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